Want to know more about us?

Hello, I’m Amy a 20-something year old fiancé to James and one third of girl gang. I live in the South East of England in a cute little village.

Since leaving college in 2010 I have worked in the Early Years Sector. I hope to become a midwife one day but for now I’m busy being Mama.

When I get the time I love to experiment with new makeup looks and I love watching ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos on youtube. My other loves are reading, trashy TV, baking and seeking adventures with my girls.

The Smallest Of Things was established back in 2014 when I spent my days trapped under my first born with no idea what I was doing. Blogs were my go-to for anything parenting and so my little space on the internet was born. It is the place I document my life surrounded by my beautiful girls and my sometimes better half. We share our memories and experiences through Pregnancy, Parenthood and how we manage to survive!

About Scarlett

Scarlett, known as Little,  is our first born little princess. Her arrival in March 2014 turned my life upside down but I could not ask for a better side kick. She is funny, bright and full of sass. When she smiles her whole face lights up and her eyes shine!

She loves imaginative play, remembering games and always being on the move.

About Lillie

Lillie, AKA Baby, is our second born daughter. She joined our family in September 2016 and has slotted in to our little puzzle just perfectly! She is cheeky, stubborn and full of smiles.

She loves being busy, making a mess and eating!

If you would like to get in contact you can do so here!