Things That Annoy Me Since Becoming A Parent

Silly little things have never really bothered me, well not that I can remember. But then again I can’t remember much about life before becoming a parent. Now there are some things that really get my back up!

Parent Bays

Yes, you who parks in the Parent & Child Bays I’m talking to you. I don’t park in them because I need to be closer to the shop. They could be all the way over the other side for all I care. I park there because I need the space to get my child in and out of the car with ease and without damage to mine or yours! Oh and it doesn’t matter if the car park is empty either!

Pushing a Pushchair

Before becoming a parent I was probably one of those people who walked out in front of a pushchair without even thinking. But now I’m that person pushing it I swear I have become invisible! Also is it me or are paths narrower these days?

Touching My Child

Now I know my child is cute but please do not touch her without my permission. I’m not talking about family or friends, but those people in the supermarket who stop you to coo over the baby! Don’t make me get my hand gel out.

becoming a parent

It Is Not A Competition

Do not try and compete with me because I’m just over here trying to do my best. Ok so your child slept through the night. Here’s a round of applause! Please let me just be proud of my small achievements over here. I’m keeping a child alive over here. That’s massive!

What else would you add to this list? 

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A 20- something girl mama writing about life as a family of four!

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  1. haha, definitely agree with the first one – I had to stop my husband confronting someone in the car park of Tesco a few weeks ago. I also saw someone park in the parent and child bay then leave their kids in the car when they went into the shop! Not sure that counts as proper use of the space!

  2. Oh it really infuriates me! Its all so they can park closer to the shop, its just laziness.. Its not even so I don't have to walk very far its just the extra space to get the car seat out etc!

  3. My pet peeve since becoming pregnant was the fact everyone thinks its ok to touch your belly. its kind of intimidating, and makes me feel slightly awkward! your daughter is the cutest by the way! x


  4. Oh yes I hated that too! They never touched my tummy before I was pregnant so it is not acceptable now!! 😀

  5. Can't believe I've only just read this!
    I'm totally the same with all of these haha – the parent parking bays really annoys me too! Why do they think it's okay to do that? Inconsiderate really!
    I also hate people touching my child, never understand why they do it, i'd never go touch someone else's child..


  6. I know its so annoying! I think I may have mild OCD so when they touch her I just think of all the things they could have on their hands..

    The parking bays, wow this really frustrates me.. still to this day! I find myself cursing the people who park in them with their 10 year old children who clearly do not need extra space to get their children in and out!!


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