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Now you may not have even noticed, but it has been almost a month since I last posted. If I’m honest I have been struggling! Struggling to make room in my brain for anything other than the million and five thoughts buzzing round. So it was time for me to take a break from everything (apart from parenting because you know, no rest for the wicked!) and focus on myself and my mental health. This is where NLP Coaching came in.

Now NLP Coaching (Neuro-Lingusitc Programming) wasn’t something I had ever heard of. But after a quick google it was something i was willing to try. To be honest at that point I was willing to try anything because being inside my own brain day in day out was exhausting!

I came across Rebecca’s blog, Kizmetcava, and in turn learnt about NLP Coaching. She kindly offered me two sessions via Skype and at first I was nervous and a little apprehensive. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate but Rebecca made me feel at ease straight away.

Rebecca basically taught me about recognising my unconscious thought patterns and how to challenge them. Even when I felt so silly saying some of the things out loud, because thats the thing with anxiety although they may only be silly little things they are huge for the person suffering, she didn’t make me feel silly! She just listened and challenged what I was saying. She also worked with me on my phobia, unravelling the thought process behind that too!

Rebecca gave me a range of exercises to help introduce a new thought process, also giving me tools to practice at home. I came away from my first session feeling light! As though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Although we only had two sessions together, Rebecca checked in on how I was feeling during the week.

So whilst I’m not 100% cured and my unconscious still struggles to come through occasionally, I do have the tools to try keep them at bay.

I would 100% recommend trying NLP if you suffer with depression, anxiety or a phobia or just need some general life coaching. Rebecca can be contacted through the page I have linked here. Don’t just put up with living the life you live, there is help out there!

Have you ever tried NLP Coaching or some other kind of therapy that helped with your anxiety?

*I was offered two sessions of NLP Coaching in return for this post. However all opinions are honest and my own*

NLP Coaching is a way to reprogram your unconscious thoughts to help with anxiety, depression and phobias.

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