Are You A Baby Clothes Hoarder?

Today I finally forced myself to sort out Scarlett’s 3-6 month clothes. This meant I had to put her 0-3 month clothes away! It was so sad. Most of the outfits told there own little story about my baby girl and how proud I am of the way she is growing.

Her first hoody brought before she was born! 😀

Some of her 0-3 month clothes were brought by us before she was even born, so we didn’t even know she was to be Scarlett and not a boy! I still remember clearly buying most of the outfits and the feelings just flood back. That feeling of excitement about finally meeting our baby.

Speaking to my friend she was telling me of how she has finally parted with her sons baby clothes (he is nearly 3) and I thought ‘will I ever be able to part with them?’

I just don’t see that I would be able to give them away. They were Scarlett’s, brought for her by family and friends. I feel that I would regret giving them away and then be sad because I could never get them back!

One of my favourite outfits (and just look at those chops!)

Besides a lot of her clothes were neutral so could be used for Baby #2 (before you start getting ahead of yourself there is not a Baby #2 and will not be for a while yet!). Anyway I feel like I will have 2 girls before having a boy, if I ever do! So even her pink and girly things will have a second use.

Please tell me I am not the only baby clothes hoarder. Do any outfits tell a special story for you?

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