Baby Superpowers

How can something so small and innocent completely change a persons life?

Scarlett is the first baby of our family. We only have a small family meaning we are all very close. It consists of my Nan, Grandad, Mum and 2 sisters. My Auntie, Uncle and 4 cousins moved to Australia nearly 3 years ago now!

Not many of you probably know this but (I have been contemplating writing this post for a while now) both my Nan and Grandad are in Nursing Home’s. This is by no means a cry for attention. Just something I need to get off of my chest!

After my Auntie moved away my family seemed to fall apart. My Grandad had a fall in the garden resulting in a fractured neck and a pretty lengthy hospital stay. Due to other medical conditions he was unable to have an operation so his recovery was very long and hard! During this time my Nan was admitted to hospital with an irregular heartbeat. It took a while, and a theatre trip to have her heart shocked, to regulate her heartbeat.

Sadly this led to Vascular Dementia for my Nan and the onset seemed to be pretty quick. Depression from being away from my Grandad (married for over 60 years) did not help either. We had to make the decision to put her in a home as it was not safe for her to be home alone!

You can read more about Vascular Dementia here.

My Grandad chose to put himself in a home after they later found out he had damaged his knee in the fall meaning he could not walk. Unfortunately they are now in seperate homes.

Visiting them is difficult because although my Grandad is still of sound mind he is not the independent stubborn man he once was, always pottering around his garden. Whereas my Nan is physically able but she is not the same women I grew up with. She could be angry at times, vacant, upset, tired, down, you name it she was every emotion other than happy!

That was until she met Scarlett. 

Since Scarlett has been here she is a completely different women. She laughs, she smiles and she holds a conversation with us. It is almost like I have my Nan back!! When Scarlett is around she constantly wants to cuddle her and even makes jokes. It is just so lovely to see.
When visiting my Nan today she said, “How can I not smile when she’s around!” and it really got me thinking. Scarlett has baby superpowers! She is able to save lives and she doesn’t even know it!!
Could my baby get any better? She is so loved she has no idea!

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