five months old

Baby You Are Five Months Old

I cannot believe you are five months old! It feels like only yesterday I was writing your four month update. I have been looking back on your sisters updates and I didn’t realise just how similar you are.

five months

At five months you are quite the pickle. It’s not safe to put you anywhere but the floor now and even that can be a bit hit and miss. If your not rolling, you’re pushing yourself up or kicking your legs down on the floor! Downstairs must love you!! You have also learnt to blow raspberries so this is your tune at the moment. One finger in the mouth, blowing raspberries!

You are so inquisitive and explore everything with your hands and feet. Big sister isn’t too happy about this because you are forever pulling her hair! Your favourite thing to do is take your dummy out, hold it in front of your face and really study it. Anything thats in front of you now you will try to grab – including food! Your hand eye coordination isn’t quite there yet but it won’t be long.

You are so interested in food but I’ve tried to give you purees and you are not interested at all. However your big sister has tried feeding you a banana cracker and you seemed to really love sucking that! I think you will baby led wean just as your sister did! You are still on 7oz bottles 4 times a day and I think we will need to up that to 8oz soon. Yet again I haven’t had you weighed recently but I will take you on Wednesday but I know your growing well as we are slowly making the transition into 3-6 month clothing! 🙁

five months

At five months you are still doing so well with sleep although your cough seems to wake you quite a bit during the night. By 6:30pm you are exhausted and ready for bed but we try and entertain you until 7pm when you’ll have your last feed. You seem to be getting into a bit of a routine with daytime naps too although being out during the day changes that quite a bit. Your first morning sleep is usually around 9am so making it out the house for baby groups is becoming more difficult! Luckily I think we managed to avoid the 4 month sleep regression despite a bout of tonsillitis too!

That is about it for your five month update. We are starting a baby massage course on Monday which I am really looking to. Everyone still says you’re just like your Daddy but I think you’re too cute 😉

As always, we love you all the way to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxx


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