Sadly I have decided to no longer take part in #BEDAoutmumbered. There are many reasons for this. I really thought it would be lovely for my readers to get to know me a bit more but..

I really feel it was affecting the content of my blog. I completely forgot the reason I was blogging, which is to document our experience as a new family!

It just wasn’t really me. I prefer to blog spontaneously, so when an idea pops into my head I like to write it down! Don’t get me wrong I do schedule posts but only if I know I am going to be super busy!

I don’t get much time to blog at the moment, due to being between moves and Scarlett not really napping properly so every spare moment I got I was rushing to schedule posts for #BEDAoutmumbered so that I didn’t miss any!

So normal blog posts will resume ASAP!

Thank you to all my lovely readers for always sticking by me 😀

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