Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Tips

I was recently asked my best bedroom design tips from the lovely people at Laura Ashley. It really got me thinking about the kind on bedroom I want to create. I have always loved adding the little finishing touches to the girls room but our bedroom has been neglected. The vibe I want for our bedroom is calm, peaceful and a place to be our own with no child paraphanaelia. So I took to facebook to ask my fellow bloggers for their bedroom design tips too.

“Uncluttered spaces help to promote a restful sleep so I like to keep my bedroom as simple as possible! Using light colours of paint and furniture helps to make a room look bigger”

I think this is an excellent tip. I always thought my bedroom was quite big but since filling it with so much stuff it feels smaller than ever. My aim for the rest of this year is to minimise my bedroom so that I can achieve a place of rest!

“If your room is small consider mirrored furniture to make it feel lighter and brighter. Also – the mirror is handy for getting ready!”

This fits nicely with the one above I think. I have oak furniture which looks lovely when it’s not got toot spilling from over the top of the wardrobe! However I probably would not have even thought about the pros of mirrored furniture, I just imagine the finger prints as I haven’t yet mastered the child free bedroom!

This leads nicely onto Emily and Indiana’s top tip:

“Whatever you do, buy a bed big enough to fit you AND your children in.. because they’re definitely going to spend a lot of time in it too!”

Whilst I want to create a room free of child paraphernalia I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the cuddles with our girls that happen on our bed. I’d just like to cancel out that tripping over a toddle bike because there is every need to bring that into my bedroom!!

“This is not ‘design’ per se, but I do think it’s really important – veto televisions! Bedrooms are for sleeping and…amour. *wink wink* Don’t let an electrical appliance disturb either of those far more important bedroom activities!”

This is probably my favourite tip yet. Not for the amour (?!!) side of things but for the sleeping side of things!! We had a television in our bedroom until recently and actually since removing it we have changed the layout of the room and created so much more space. Plus it means that when I get into bed of an evening I either pick up a book or fall straight to sleep!

“Look to Pinterest for inspiration, but don’t directly copy. If your trying to replicate someone else’s space, it will never truly live up. Pinch some ideas, then make them your own.”

I am so guilty of this. The amount of times I have decorated a room exactly the same as one I found on Pinterest only to change it a few months down the line because it is just not me!!

So there are my top picks of bedroom design tips for you. What would be your top tip for creating a bedroom that is a space to leave my day at the door and have a serene sleep?

*I was asked to share the post written by Laura Ashley, however I was not paid too*

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  1. June 16, 2018 / 6:54 am

    Brilliant post with some fabulous tips. I love the idea of having a bed that is big enough for the whole family. That’s definitely something we need. As our children always end up in bed with us. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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