Being Overdue AGAIN..

Yep I’m still pregnant! Something I never thought I’d say. I was convinced that this little Miss would be early or at least on time. How wrong was I? I’m currently 40+6 and she is showing no sign of making an appearance!

With Little I went 12 days over and I don’t remember the wait being as tormenting. Maybe it’s because I was able to leisurely sit around but this time I’m having to try and keep a toddler entertained when really I just want to wollow in self pity!

I feel so on edge everyday wondering whether today will be the day. I keep picking a date out of thin air and believing that date will be the one. First it was the 6th, then the 8th, 10th, 12th – you get the picture! Now I think I like the sound of the 15th aha..

I know she will come when she is ready but I find myself worrying that she may no longer be engaged or that she might have stopped growing. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I last saw the Midwife and I’m not seeing her until Friday where I’m hoping to be offered a sweep, if Tiny hasn’t had other ideas of course.

I’m not wishing time away but I just feel so useless to Little at the moment as I sense that she too is getting bored of waiting and I’m just so irritable! The days feel so long and I just want to meet my second little girl!!

Did you go overdue and how did you cope with the wait? Any ideas to keep me sane will be greatly recieved!!


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