The 7 Best Toilet Seat For Sciatica of 2020

If you’re nursing a sciatic pain, sitting on a low and hard China bowl while pooping can become a problem. You have to look for a set of comfortable seat pads or seat cushions. Also, this accessory will add some heights to the toilet seat. You, therefore, wouldn’t have to bend so low to sit on the toilet. So, what is the best toilet seat for sciatica?

Toilet Seat for Sciatica: Top 7 Reviews

Below is a list of the best toilet seats that meet the criteria for managing sciatic problems. Check them out

Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

The Duro-Med toilet seat is a padded seat cover for relieving pressure around the butt. With a size that fits most toilet seats, the seat cushion has a length of 16 inches and a breadth of 12.5 inches. The model is available in two types of thickness. You can choose a seat with a 2-inch or 4-inch height/thickness. However, there’s a slight variation in price between the two.

This cushion is made of supportive foam with upholstery made of vinyl material. There are hook and loop straps on the underside. It is soft, comfortable to sit on, and easy to install. Asides from sciatica, these products are beneficial to the elderly, kids learning to use the toilet, patients recovering from a surgery, and people with disabilities.

Blue Jay 2-inch Elevate ME Softly Seat Lifter

The Blue Jay Seat Lifter is a padded cushion made of soft foam with 2 inches of thickness. For secure use, the lifter comes with a closure and an adjustable hook. The Elevate ME Softly features a cover that is easily wiped and cleaned. Providing a cushioned seating area, it offers users a very ergonomic posture of sitting. This helps in reducing pressure on their lower bodies while sitting on a commode.

This lifter is ideal for seniors, people suffering from arthritis, sciatica, and those recuperating from an injury or surgical operation. It’s also perfect for children who are just starting to learn to use the toilet. Patients who have limited mobility, have difficulty getting up or sitting independently can also use the Blue Jay model.

Blue Jay 4-inch Elevate ME Softly Toilet Seat

This Elevate ME Softly toilet seat is the 4-inch variant of the above. It has a look closure as well as an adjustable hook for fastening up. It’s a DIY elevated seat that is easy to fix and is compatible with all standard-sized toilets. Also, the Elevate ME Softly model is lightweight and portable. It’s therefore easy to be carried and transported for use anywhere.

The seat has several medical benefits. With a thicker dimension, this toilet seat is even more suitable for the elderly, people suffering from arthritis, and kids. It also provides users with warmth during cold seasons of spring and winter.

Universal ULTRAGEL Relieve Toilet Gel Seat Cushion 

The Universal ULTRAGEL is a medical-grade seat. Perfect for seniors, the disabled, or handicapped, the model is a toilet seat made of gel material. The seat comes in various sizes. The Regular variant has a dimension of 16 x 14 inches with a thickness of 0.40 inches. The Heavy Duty variant measures 19 x 15 inches with a thickness of 0.70 inches.

The cover is made of a 4-way stretch fabric. Very durable and soft, the cushion is safe for the skin and free of latex, plasticizer, and silicone. Easy to clean and disinfect, the cushion has simple routine care. Also, made in the USA, it is hypoallergenic, spill-proof, and waterproof.

Essential Medical Supply 4-inch Padded Toilet Riser

Offering comfort, sanitary benefits, and good value for money, this 4-inch padded toilet riser is a medical-grade accessory. It’s suitable for people with tumors or casts on; people with fractures, arthritis, or sciatica; the elderly and people who have limited mobility or disability.

Exceptionally thick, it’s a 4-inch high padded riser. You can attach it to your toilet seat, thanks to the loop straps and hook, which are included. The product has a comfy foam pad which manages and reduces your pressure points. It thus makes it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet seat.

Briggs 2-inch Healthcare Toilet Seat Cushion

The Healthcare Toilet Cushion is a seat pad from Briggs, which is made of comfortable vinyl. This model is only available in a 2 inch thickness. However, it is compatible with all commode and standard-sized toilets around.

For additional comfort, the foam padding made of upholstered vinyl helps relieve pressure points of users. It is made in South Carolina by Briggs Plumbing, a major manufacturer and supplier of lavatory and plumbing products in the USA. The cushioned seat conforms to industry standards. It is easy to install and features a surface that is easy to wipe clean.

Daher Portable 1-inch Raised Toilet Seat Pad

For healthcare and household use, the Daher Toilet Seat is a portable pad made of elegant covering material. Made in Canada, the Daher product has a smooth design, which is not only easy to clean but resists dirt.

The 1-inch pad is made from durable and heavy-duty foam, which is also supportive of weights. It’s easy to clip on every toilet seat, which measures up to 3-inch width. Weighing just 2-pound, the seat pad is lightweight and can be inconspicuous, thanks to the provided carry bag. This makes it easy to transport.


Sciatica can be a real pain in the ass. And, of course, we can’t do without pooping or using the china water closets. So you have to look for the right materials that’ll offer you the best ergonomics and relief. The padded or cushioned toilet seats, unlike the classic, plastic ones are right for you. We have saved you from the pain of making an endless search by giving you a review. We hope you’ve discovered the best toilet seat for sciatica, which fits your budget and blends to your toilet.


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