blow painting

Blow Painting With Primary Colours

Being on maternity leave is hard sometimes. I have five days a week where I have to think of something fun for us to do. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut so I have made a list of activities that do not require us to leave the house! Blow painting is a super easy activity and uses resources I’m sure we all have around the house!

blow painting

You will need:

– a piece of card (you could use paper but I find it a little too thin)
– coloured straws (I chose yellow, blue and red so that we could match them to the paint)
– paint, paintbrushes and a tray (I used a yorkshire pudding tray!)
– water and a medicine syringe

blow painting

What to do:

  • Once you have selected your paint colours you will need to water these down (using the syringe) to make them a consistency that will run easily when blown.
  • Then using your paintbrush place blobs of paint on the card (or patterns if you’d prefer!)
  • Now blow and voila 🙂

blow painting

Ways to simplify:

  • I found that Little (almost three) struggled with blowing for long periods of time. To simplify this you could have them blow into a pot of paint (so that it bubbles up) and then pop the paper over the top.
  • Or you could take it in turns to blow also teaching them turn taking!

blow painting

Ways to extend:

  • If this is a bit basic for your child you could extend it by allowing them to use the medicine syringe to water down the paint themselves.
  • Have them mix two primary colours together to see what colour it makes!
  • If they are old enough they can complete this whole activity independently.

What is your go to indoors activity for a rainy day?


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