children and culture appropriation

Children & Culture Appropriation

I’m usually one to avoid putting my opinion out there. I don’t really like confrontation and I’m certainly not massively opinionated! But something has got right up my snot box. You may (or may not) have seen the video doing the rounds on Facebook. The one where dressing as Moana is mocking the Polynesians and racist culture appropriation! Yeah all the eye rolls.

In my opinion such statements are what is wrong with this world. Children do not know racism. They are not born racist. It is something they learn! They certainly don’t look at a character and see race, colour & culture! They do not know mocking. But by telling them they cannot dress as any colour, race or culture that is different to their own is teaching them racism, is it not?

Aren’t we trying to reach a point in life where nothing or no one has a label. Gender unspecified just as one example! Isn’t the point of all this to allow children to make up their own minds as to who they want to be?

Now if Little S asked to dress up as Moana I certainly wouldn’t think there was anything sinister to it. To a 3 year old Moana is just a character in one of her favourite films. She likes the soundtrack just as she discovered the film Frozen because of the soundtrack!

children and culture appropriation

I am in no way doubting that we need to educate our children on the history of the Polynesians and using Moana to do this is a great idea, but there is a time and a place. My 3 year old will not understand and I’m sure it wouldn’t deter her from wanting to dress as Moana! She see’s a pretty dress and wants to wear it!

Why are we still trying to fill innocent minds with such racial hatred? Ok so as white people we don’t understand the hardships the Polynesians went through. But by embracing Moana we are not mocking you.

So is it that only black children can dress as Princess Tiana? White children as Elsa, Cinderella, Belle etc? Native American Indians can dress as Pocahontas?

Over and out. Peace and love!

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