What’s In A Name and How We Chose The Girls

What’s In A Name and How We Chose The Girls

Since I was a little girl I have always loved baby names. Instead of planning my perfect wedding I was busy planning my family unit! I had this idea that I would have three girls called Reagan, Meagan and Teagan! Then there was the ideal family. One girl and one boy – Ellie-May/Ella-Louise and Oliver James. But once I was pregnant choosing baby names became a bit of a sore subject!

I would love to be one of these people who could pull off a completely quirky name but unfortunately I am just too plain Jane! Also because I work in childcare I have met so many children and you start to associate certain names with certain personalities! But I do still like names that aren’t heard that often. Whereas James likes ‘normal’ names that he’s heard before or he assumes I’ve made them up! For me I didn’t want my children to be the fifth child with that name in their class.

For those of you who don’t know I have two daughters, Scarlett and Lillie.

How we chose the name Scarlett

With my first pregnancy we decided not to find out the sex because lets face it, theres not many surprises left in life! This meant that we had to whittle down both girls and boys names. Boys names were not a problem because I like old traditional names which suits James! But when our daughter was born we still didn’t have names we completely agreed on. We had a few names but I just wasn’t loving them!

Not long after she was born James turned to me and said “what about Scarlett?” and that was it. Scarlett was named! I absolutely love her name even now. It just suits her! Her middle name is Jane after her Nanny.

How we chose the name Lillie

When we found out we were pregnant with our second child we chose to find out. Mainly because it would be nice for Scarlett to know whether she was getting a baby brother or sister. This too should of made it easier to think of names. But as it was our second girl we were completely stumped for names.

Whilst scrolling through baby girls names for the thousandth time hoping a new one would of been added, I found and fell in love with a name. But James wasn’t keen.

Two weeks after she was born she still didn’t have a name but we had the appointment booked to register her birth. We spent a few days trying to call her a few of our chosen names but none of them sat right. It was so so hard and the pressure was immense.

In the end we decided to call her Lillie Rose. One day Scarlett randomly called her Lillie and it kind of just stuck. Plus Lillie is a derivate of Elizabeth, my Nan’s name who passed a little while after I told her of my second pregnancy. Rose is because it was my Grandad’s favourite flower and he was the most important man in my life!

It took me over 6 months to actually feel settled with Lillie’s name. But something still gave me that sinking feeling. That name that I still loved but never used! So at almost a year old we decided to change her middle name so she is now legally Lillie Florence. I now love her name just as I do Scarlett’s.

Choosing baby names is just too much for me. Too many things to consider and there will always be someone who has an opinion on your potential name!

Are baby names just that or are they so much more?

I’d love to hear your opinion and the reasons behind your baby names..


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  1. September 6, 2017 / 11:42 am

    Names are so much more! It’s what they will carry for the rest of their lives pretty much. And it really can dictate people’s first opinions of them even if we don’t like to think that way.we found out dude was a boy as hubby can’t take waiting but we hoped it would make nameing easier too.we found boys names so hard! Girls we would have been fine with but we literally had no names we liked and agreed on to start with. We like unique or uncommon but not too weird. I grew up as a chantele which was unheard of 30 years ago in our little Welsh village! But I love it being unique. We work with kids to so have a similar issue as you but we eventually photographed an Elyan when I was 6 months pregnant. And it stuck with both of us as something we have never heard before but not at all weird really, plus it’s Welsh. And that was pretty much it. We had Thomas as a middle name after Jon’s gramps and so Elian thomas was decided. We went with an I instead of a y though as we rathered a less Welsh spelling of it. And we love it! God help us if we have another boy in the future as there is no other name we like!! Hehe!

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