Christmas Traditions & What They Mean To Me*

Christmas Traditions & What They Mean To Me*
*This is a collaborative post

Now I am no scrooge but I am just not the biggest fan of Christmas. I loved it as a child and it is growing on me as the girls get older! But for me it is all about the Christmas traditions and events that lead up to the big day itself.

I did wonder if it was a bit early for such a post but after my sister actually asking if she could put the decorations up (in October) I thought I’d try and get myself in the Christmas spirit!

For me Christmas day is all about family. Boring board games, Grandad asleep in his favourite arm chair and Mum flapping about in the kitchen! Unfortunately since we lost my Nana & Grandad our Christmas’ aren’t quite the same. So instead I like to focus on the Christmas traditions..

Christmas PJ’s

By far my most favourite tradition that we’ve created. Every Christmas Eve the girls are given their Christmas Eve box complete with a new set of matching (or as close too!) Christmas PJ’s.

Christmas traditions

Christmas Lights

James and I have always driven around our local streets looking at all the lights. This is something we have since done with Little S and I am so excited that Baby L is now at an age where she can be involved too!

Laying A Wreath

Every year my Nana would lay a wreath on her Mum’s grave. Last year my Mum took over this tradition and made one herself for both my Nana & Grandad! I know they would be so pleased that she is keeping it up.


Whenever my Mum starts talking about the pantomime you know Christmas is close. Last year we took Little S to her first one and I’m hoping that this year we can all go together, although I’m thinking Baby L may still be too young!

Christmas Jumpers

If you’re not wearing a Christmas jumper on Christmas Day is it even Christmas? For the last 3 years I have worn the same jumper (washed in between of course!!) and even the girls joined in last year!

I am all for adding more Christmas traditions to my list so I would love to hear yours..



  1. October 11, 2017 / 3:49 pm

    I love Christmas & all the family traditions. As we’ve got older though and both my sister and I have got married things have started to change. This year I’m excited to create new traditions with my husband and baby girl!

  2. October 19, 2017 / 11:00 pm

    I love a good set of Christmas PJs! And Christmas jumpers too! I got my eldest a beautiful hand knitted robin jumper last year which I’m hoping still fits! x

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