What To Consider When Designing A Home Office*

What To Consider When Designing A Home Office*
*This is a collaborative post

As a blogger I often dream of a home office. Right now that is not an option for me but that doesn’t stop me planning one anyway! When I think of a home office I think of a practical space, with good storage and a soft warm colour palette! Of course practicality comes with some things to consider:


If you are lucky enough to have a number of rooms to choose from, think about what you want from your home office. A room that is light, airy and private is likely to make you feel most productive! The room, if possible, should be tucked away in a quiet part away from pets, children and housework.


Space is the most important in my opinion. I need space to stretch my legs or spread out my equipment without feeling cluttered. If there is too much going on it can be a cause for distraction!


Of course the most fun part when designing a home office. I see a good desk and chair as an investment! If it prevents you from any back/neck/eye problems whilst providing a space to work from, its a massive win. Make sure the desk is big enough to fit your computer and any other equipment you need to work!

designing a home office

Desk – Maison Du Monde | Chair – Made


Refer back to point two – space. Storage is so important to provide the space needed to feel relaxed. If you, like me, are limited for space then shelves can be the perfect solution.

Personal Touches

Think fluffy rugs, prints and copper accessories! I personally would keep colours to a minimum to avoid distractions but I would use coloured soft furnishings to make it feel more homely.

Office Principles offer redesign and restructure of office spaces and have over 25 years of experience when it comes to designing offices.

Whilst a dedicated home office is not an option for me at the moment, I am looking to create an office area where I can work away from the distractions of everyday life!

If you work from home I would love to hear where you work from? What is your current work set up?


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