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Things My 3 Year Old Has Taught Me About My Emetophobia

Coping With Emetophobia

I need to write this down whilst it’s fresh. If I’m honest I am in total awe of my 3 year old! She is full of innocence & has taught me so much.¬†For those of you who don’t know me, a little background for you. I have suffered with Emetophobia (phobia of sick) since, well as long as I can remember. Since the end of last year my Emetophobia has controlled the whole of my life and mind!

Well just the other day my Little S got very poorly, very quickly and was sick. Now the thought of this happening would have driven me to the blink, but actually this little 3 year old has taught me so much and I just want to shout about it!

So this is what my 3 year old has taught me about my Emetophobia:

I will cope and I will be okay!

The way she handled being poorly put me to shame. She was an absolute trooper! If she can handle it so well then so can I.

Only I can control the thoughts I allow to enter my head.

My anxiety around sickness is 100% in my head. I need to remember those things I learnt it CBT. If I cannot control it then I need to not worry!

I can not control and plan everything and that’s okay!

As part of my Emetophobia I try to control everything and obsess over how I’ll cope. When actually I cannot control everything and that’s okay because I do not need to control everyone and everything!

But most of all I can be there for my children when they’re poorly.

And this is what I am most grateful about. One of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t be able to 100% be there for them if they were to get poorly. But by following her lead and accepting what was happening I was able too. And yeah I’m pretty proud of that!

So whilst I know I am not cured from my anxiety and phobia, I do know that I can cope if I need to. I am still going to seek some professional help to try and control my thoughts but for now I’m feeling good! All thanks to a little 3 year old girl. I couldn’t be prouder right now!

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  1. Well done you. I can only imagine having to try and cope with that. I hate being sick and clearing it up is the worst but you’ve done so well to get this far!

  2. Georgina Clarke says:

    Well done you lovely! Sickness is horrible. You sound like you’re doing really well!

  3. Well done for learning to cope and do the best you can lovely. A lot of things are hard and some people struggle to understand which is a shame. You’ve done amazing x

  4. It’s amazing the perspective our little ones can give us, isn’t it? xo

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