Creating a Child Friendly Garden with Artificial Grass

artificial grass
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Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to give our garden some devoted attention. As mentioned in my previous ‘Our Garden Plans Ready For Summer’ post we anticipated creating a vegetable patch to section off the garden and get some home-grown veg on the go. This is still the plan, along with the raised planters and fairy garden for the girls to play. However I’m adding something new to the mix – artificial grass and here’s why:

Artificial grass is great for those little trips and falls. 

Providing the perfect cushioned landing, artificial grass is great for children’s play areas. Either supporting the full area or placing a piece around climbing frames and the bottom of slides where little accidents are more likely to occur. It’s also great as a floor covering in wooden playhouses and climbing frames to prevent slipping when wet!

Tip:  The denser the pile, the more support the grass gives.  

Artificial grass eliminates grass stains – Hurray! 

Yes no more grass stained knees to contend with. We’ve all been there with the Vanish scrubbing away at our little ones clothes to try and get those awful grass stains out. With artificial grass we can get rid of them for good! Huzzah.

Play time extended with artificial grass.  

No more waiting hours for the grass to dry for our little ones to go out and play. Artificial grass has an impressive integrated drainage system which filters away any water much quicker than natural grass.

Artificial grass is a Hay Fever Deterrent 

You don’t need to worry about cutting the grass and setting off the hay fever saga. With a zero pollen count, artificial grass will not contribute to the runny noses, streaming eyes and irritated throat.

So there we have it 4 reasons I’m considering artificial grass! Do you have fake grass in your garden? Let me know any tips you might have..

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