Deep Clean Hacks For The Busy Parent

Deep Clean Hacks For The Busy Parent

Since becoming a parent I have become slightly obsessed with cleaning and cleaning products in general. I lose hours of my day watching cleaning videos and have spent more than I care to admit! I never really thought about the deep clean of some of my household objects until I discovered these videos. My most favourite is the deep clean of the washing machine, with the deep clean of my oven being my least favourite!

But I too know how hard it is to find the time when you’re a parent, a working person, or both. Here are the hacks I have found that make it that bit more manageable:

Deep clean your mattress whilst you eat breakfast

As soon as you wake up in the morning, strip your bedsheets and sprinkle baking powder over your mattress. Leave it to work in whilst you get the children up, make breakfast or have a shower (whatever it is you do with your morning). By the time you have done all or one of the above an hour has probably passed. Now all you need to do is hoover your mattress! Voila. A nice fresh mattress.

Deep clean your washing machine last

This is a bit of a money saving hack as well as a cleaning hack. I always begrudge putting the washing machine on an empty hot wash. So I gather up all my cleaning cloths and chuck them in the washing machine to be washed on a hot wash. I figure all the bleach I’ve used on the cloths will help clean the washing machine too!!

Deep clean your bin in the bath

Fill up the bath with hot water and bleach. Lay your bin in the bath for about an hour (I usually add the potty in too). After an hour shower it off! The bleach would have also removed any stubborn grease marks on your bath too! If the weather is nice then you could leave it to dry off outside, but if not just stand it upside down in the bath and there you have it.Deep Clean Hacks For The Busy Person


Deep clean your oven trays with fabric softener

You will need the bath for this again (so another tip would be to clean the bathroom last thing too!). Soak your oven trays in warm water and fabric softener. This will help the grease just slide off. It will also leave your bathroom smelling beautiful!

Deep clean your tiles whilst you shower

To save time I clean the bathroom tiles whilst I am in the shower. It also saves you getting soaked as you rinse them down! I also wipe around the sink as I clean my teeth.

Deep clean drink bottles overnight

I like to soak the girls (and my own as I only really drink from bottles!) drinks bottles in a bowl of sanitiser over night and then use a cotton bud to get into all the crevices. This means they are ready to use in the morning for another day of staying hydrated!

I would love to hear your top deep clean hacks? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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