Descaling A Steriliser

I wrote a post a few weeks back explaining how Scarlett is bottle fed and I mentioned the lack of information surrounding this.

Obviously if you choose to (or don’t have any choice but to) bottle feed you know you need to sterilise the bottles before use – that I did know! But I didn’t think a steriliser would need descaling although now I do know, it does make perfect sense. Well they make it pretty clear that it needs to be descaled regularly – it even has a sticker on the steriliser saying ‘don’t forget to descale me regularly’! However they do not tell you how to do it.

I’m going to admit something now – please don’t judge me – but nearly 12 weeks had gone by before I descaled my steriliser. If I’m honest it wasn’t on the top of my to-do list and besides it was in constant use! I know there not valid excuses which is why I have taken it apon myself to find a descaler and do it.

I found Boots Baby Steam Steriliser Descaler Sachets by chance and I’m so glad I did. I have also found out that they are recommended by Tommee Tippee (which is the steriliser I have!). These sachets are so easy to use and the instructions are so easy to follow. Plus they are only £2.99 for 6 sachets, currently on offer online for £1.99.

I have only used one sachet but after one use my bottles are already coming out cleaner. I would definitely recommend these if you are choosing or have to bottle feed. And I vow from today to make sure I descale my steriliser at least every 4 weeks.

How often do you descale your steriliser and how do you do it?


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