Discipline Or Child Abuse?

Im sure you have probably seen the video doing it’s rounds on Facebook of the Mother giving her child hot sauce and a cold shower!!

This to me is not discipline!! It is child abuse. That poor little boy. I cry for him and my heart hurts for him 🙁 this is the reason the children of today are the way they are because they are taught to punish people when things don’t go their way! 
I wish I could unwatch that video because I cannot get that little boy out of head! I just want to take him under my wing and undo everything his Mother has done to him 🙁
Don’t get me wrong I 100% agree children need to be taught rights from wrongs but I also think there are other ways to go about it.
My Mum brought us up to understand actions have consequences but we were never made to feel belittled or humiliated! 
My heart hurts for that small boy and for all the other children out there who are abused by the one person who should love them with everything they have!
I know I would hate for Scarlett to feel abused/upset by me 🙁
Do you think her attitude is okay or do you also feel she has overstepped the mark?!

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