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Tinpo Review

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Little S spends 5 days a week at school and in her words “it’s so long”! By the time she gets home she just wants to lay on the sofa watching Youtube. If you add a crazy 2 year old into the mix, our evenings become quite overwhelming. However we are trying to cut down the amount of time S spends watching youtube so I am always welcoming something new for the girls to watch. This is why I am going to tell you all about Tinpo!

It takes a lot to actually get both girls to sit and watch something, especially during witching hour. This is the time of day I find the hardest because there is so much that needs doing but I have to be the comforter, referee and entertainer! However I have been putting Tinpo on my laptop, placing an independent activity for them to do and I’ve actually been able to get on with the evening routine.


What is Tinpo?

I had never heard of it before either, although S reckons she had watched it before. Tinpo is written by Davey Moore who also wrote Thomas & Friends and follows the adventures of Tinpo, Doug-Po, Logi-Po and Hack-Po. The colourful characters are the local heroes of the community who encourage young children to think outside the box when solving problems.

The series’ message to its viewers is that, like Tinpo, they have the ability to improve the world around them through the joy of creation, remaining curious and keeping things fresh and inspiring!

Tinpo review

If like me, you are crying out for a break during witching hour or you just want to keep your children engaged in a TV show that doesn’t contain a bratty pig (but a heartfelt message) then you can watch Tinpo at 6:55am and 3:55pm everyday on CBeebies or download from iPlayer!

I would love to hear if you have ever watched it before, and what you thought..

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