Ending A Tenancy Agreement

I’m sure many of you have been there. You privately rent and when it is time to move out you spend so much of your time and energy cleaning the property with a toothpick! But that is never good enough.

I have just had my inventory report back and have been told they will be deducting £120 for professional cleaning when I spent two whole days cleaning the property from top to bottom! Reading through the report they are just being pernickety! Water marks on the tap, finger marks on a cupboard door. Is that really going to cost them £120 to wipe it off?

I thought I would share with you my tips that I will definately be living by next time we privately rent!

Take photograph evidence of literally everything
We did do this, but only of the things we felt were faults. We are now being told we need to pay to replace the acorn on the pull cord as it is missing – it was never there in the first place! But sadly we do not have any evidence of this.

Check the gas safety certificate
We were quite naive when moving into our place and assumed these things would have been done (it was a new build) but a few months in we had an appointment for someone to come and carry out a gas safety check! Scary to think about it really.

Ask where your deposit is being held and find out if it is protected
Your landlord has to protect your deposit if you paid it after the 6th April 2012. You can find out if your deposit is protected here. Luckily our deposit is protected however our deposit was not returned to us within 10 days of our tenancy ending.

Keep records of every phonecall you ever make and follow it up with an E-Mail so it is in writing
We made numerous phone calls to the repair line to rectify faults that were not our fault, these have now come to light and we are being charged for them in the inventory. However we do not have this in writing so I’m not sure we will be able to prove this.

Do not just roll over and agree, despute it if you feel it is unfair
Trust me, we will be doing this because some of the things are very unfair and I am not going to pay for things that I tried to have rectified before we left!

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