Finding The Calm In Our Everyday

Finding The Calm In Our Everyday

Not meaning to sound dramatic but life has felt very hectic and overwhelming lately. I couldn’t quite work out why until I sat on the sofa breathing in the scent of my youngest daughter. It hit me that it had been such a long time since I just sat and breathed in my babies. I have spent the last 6+ weeks trying to cram everything into the little time we have left together before Little S starts school, that I hadn’t actually spent anytime just being present. I am in desperate need of finding the calm!

Everyday is spent rushing around. Rushing to be somewhere at a certain time, rushing to be on time for work/nursery or just rushing to get the house clean in the time Baby L sleeps. From today I am going to do my best to restore some calm and this is how I plan to do it:

Get into a new routine

Obviously with Little S starting school and my work hours changing to suit this, we will automatically fall into a new routine. But I want to make a conscious effort to get a routine in place where both girls get equal amount of alone time with me. For all of our sakes!

Half an hour of quality time

This routine will include at least half an hour of quality time a day. Whilst half an hour may not seem a lot, I mean half an hour of nothing but us. No phones, no TV, no housework. Just half an hour of time where we enjoy each other! Of course there will be other times in the day where we spend time together.

Separate bed times for the girls

At present the girls both go to bed at the same time because it is just easier with our working hours. But of course when that changes it will mean I have more time in the evenings so we can establish a better bedtime routine. As part of that I want to put the girls to bed separately so I can just lie with them and breath them in!

Create a cleaning schedule

With my work hours changing it will mean I only have one full day off, not including the weekend of course. I do not want to spend that day cleaning nor the weekend. So I want to create a cleaning schedule where I do little bits everyday to stay on top of it, preferably first thing in the morning so it is done for the day.

Finding The Calm In Our Everyday

Take half an hour for myself everyday

Half an hour is nothing really is it? But that half an hour can help me feel balanced. This half an hour can not contain any kind of social media though. It has to be half an hour to be alone in my thoughts or to read a book!

Get outside everyday

I’m hoping the weather will stay nice enough to walk the school and nursery run everyday. But whilst that is not always possible, I want to try and ensure all of us get outside for some fresh air and energy burn off everyday.

Make the most of weekends

With only two days a week when all of us are together, I want to make the most of the time we have together. But whilst factoring in all of the above too 🙂

Express gratitude

I want to introduce a little activity for the end of the day, whilst we are winding down for bedtime. Each of us (Baby L excluded until she is old enough) have to say one thing that we feel grateful for. It could be absolutely anything but I feel it will help us as a family.

What else would you add to the above points? How do you find your calm? I’d love to hear from you..


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