Our Garden Plans Ready For Summer*

Our Garden Plans Ready For Summer*
*This is a collaborative post

It is coming up to 3 years since we moved into our house. When we moved in the garden was in a very sorry state and if I’m honest we kind of just left it. I dabbled a bit in it but never actually got much done with a tiny child in tow! But as you can see from the above picture it became a little too overgrown. It wasn’t safe for Little S to play in and so I made it my mission to do a bit of garden DIY!

So last summer whilst heavily pregnant with Baby L I got the hedge trimmer out (I recommend getting a petrol hedge trimmer if you are the type of person to cut through the wire – true story!!!!) and got to work on cutting down the forest. Obviously it has grown a bit since last summer but it is totally manageable. So first things first I plan on tidying up the back of the garden again and I am thinking of turning it into a vegetable patch as it gets the most sunlight!

Since last year our landlord has built us a shed and put up a fence so it is already looking so much better. I would like to build raised planters to go in front of the fence to make it look a little colourful. Failing that some lovely little fairy lights or bunting! I’m undecided.

We also have a tree stump half way up the garden and I would love to turn this into a little fairy garden for the girls to play with. I have been pinning ideas into my garden ideas board.

I want my garden to be something to be proud of by the summer. My fondest childhood memories were spending the lighter evenings outdoors after dinner! So this year the garden DIY is a go go go.

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