Garden Thoughts

As I sit in the garden, feet in the paddling pool, I look at Little walking around the garden in her swimming costume full of innocence. Her little face is smooth from no frowning and she has absolutely no worries! It makes me happy to see her just wandering around without a care in the world. I hope she will forever feel this way.. 

I remember being in Primary School and feeling the same (obviously minus the swimsuit). Nobody cared what anyone looked like – we were all just friends! I wish the same for my daughters. 

It’s a tough old world out there with everyone wanting to judge everybody, wanting to have something better/look better! It’s just a part of life now and I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of it at some point. 

I’m not in the slightest bit body confident but that’s something I have to work on myself but I do want to encourage my daughters to feel confident in their bodies and never worry about what other people may think!

I could watch Little all day because everyday I learn something new from her and whilst she is around I could never give up! 

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