GCSE Results

I remember this day all to clearly. It is such a nerve racking time because there is so much pressure. These results can potentially determine the rest of your life! Your results define you.

I wasn’t so worried about the results themselves (I thought I was invincible at that age) but I didn’t want to disappoint my Mum. I knew I hadn’t studied hard enough. I was to busy going out and enjoying myself with friends.

To get onto the college course I wanted to do, I had to get 5 A* – C grades. That was pretty daunting because if I didn’t get those results I would have had to do a lower level course and it would add a year to my education! Nobody wants that at 15/16.

Luckily my results weren’t too bad, in fact I’m pretty proud of them as I didn’t really try that hard. But I just think, imagine what I could have got if I studied as hard as I should have!

I got onto the college course I wanted, completed it, got a job in childcare and have worked my way up to Assistant Manager. I’m pretty proud of my life so far.

However I could have done this without the GCSE results in my opinion. I could have got a job in childcare and studied whilst on the job because when I re-did my qualification I had to do Key Skills anyway because it had been a while since my GCSE’s.

The point of this post is to wish everyone getting their results today GOOD LUCK! Don’t panic we have all been there in one way or another and you should be proud for getting through the exams, they are horrible times! And remember there is always a different route, it might just take you longer to get there 🙂

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Did your GCSE’s define you? Or are you one of these people who thrive at exams?

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  1. August 24, 2014 / 10:23 pm

    My parents split up the weekend before my GCSE's started. I finished every exam within the first half hour and then sat pulling apart my school tie for the rest of the time. Somehow I managed to pass with pretty decent grades! x

  2. August 25, 2014 / 5:47 pm

    Oh bless you, how horrible! I was lucky enough to not be born when my parents split so I never really saw the backlash!
    Glad to hear you passed though xx

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