Greenworks 1500 vs Ryobi RY141900 2,000-PSI 1.2 GPM

Greenworks and Ryobi are both top brands when it comes to making some of the best electric pressure washers in the industry. These two companies are known for having the best in terms of new technology and great performance. This has made more people go for these pressure washers as they know they would deliver on great performance just as you would want. 

The notable models from the brands include Greenworks 1500 and Ryobi RY141900 models. Today, we get to look at these two models side by side to compare their features and overall performance below. 

Greenworks 1500 

Greenworks 1500 PSI

This pressure washer might come in many different parts, but you will always find it easy to set it up. The manufacturer sends it with all the important instructions you would need to end up with a highly stable platform. This stability feature makes it great to use it either vertically or horizontally without much of a problem. You should find it is generally good for many washing chores you might have. 

It might only have 1500 PSI pressure delivery, but its high-powered turbo nozzle makes it good generally to make up for the low PSI. Thanks to this amazing nozzle design, you will end up having an easy time cleaning various surface types. You can now use it for cleaning the driveway, patio, and many other outdoor surfaces that might have. 

As compared to the other units, you should find it having a long power cord at 35 feet. The best part is that the power cord comes with the GFCI fail-safe safety measure. This makes it even better for you to use it for outdoor outlets without worrying about electrocution or related dangers. 

The power house for the machine can reach a maximum of 20 feet. This makes it ideal even for single-story houses. This is going to be a great feature for you to use to clean gutters and slats with ease. That being said, it might not be ideal for those who want to clean more than one story house. 

The machine has a weight of 18.4 pounds. This should make it easy to carry it around for cleaning different areas. You will also end up with 25 and 40-degree connect tips. These tips are designed to be quick-connect so that switching from one tip to another is easier. You should now have an easier time cleaning the various surfaces around. 

Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSI

Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSI

You will love the kind of durability that comes with the model. Since most electric models are not built for durability, it is amazing that the manufacturer made this one even better. 

This model stands out for its pressure delivery of up to 2000 PSI. The massive 13-amp motor makes it possible for you to end up with this kind of pressure. The 1.2 GPM for the water flow makes it good for light to medium cleaning needs you might have to deal with. 

This pressure washer is quite big in terms of the physical size. It is surprising that it is quite lightweight for the size. With a weight of 32 pounds, you find the wheels on its chassis, making it easy to pull all that weight around. The powerful electric engine is also protected by a strong and durable metal frame. 

The machine is thoughtfully equipped with most of the accessories you will need for cleaning. The hand-cranked spindle helps with storing the cord so that it does not end up tangling and making it hard to use later on. 

Having up to 25 feet of high-pressure hose makes it ideal to reach as many places as possible. The three quick-connect tips also make it easy to adapt the model to various cleaning needs that you might want to handle. The model also has a 15-degree nozzle, soap nozzle, and a turbo nozzle. It should easily stand out as a versatile pressure washer. 

As much as it looks like a medium duty-pressure washer, it is able to handle most of the stubborn stains with ease. It is the reason people would use it on different surfaces. This includes wood, patio, glass, marble, and furniture. You can easily clean your driveway, sidewalk, pool, ramps, parking lots, the warehouse you just have to make sure that you are purchasing the best pressure washer surface cleaner additional

The Bottom Line

From the comparison above, it should now be easy for you to make up your mind. You can always pick a model that you feel will meet your cleaning needs and still remain durable to serve you for longer. 

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