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itty bittys frozen collection

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? With Itty Bittys

To celebrate the launch of the latest itty bittys collection to hit the UK we’ve been building our very own snowman. Can you guess the collection I’m talking about? Yes the frozen collection, complete with Anna, Elsa, Olaf & Sven!

Hallmark very kindly sent us a whole host of goodies to help build our snowman, along with the entire itty bittys frozen collection. I think its safe to say Little S was beside herself! Of course Elsa is still a firm favourite but she’s enjoyed playing with them all.

Another of Little’s favourite things to do is bake cakes. So as its only November and thankfully no snow, we built our own snowman in the kitchen with flour, eggs & marshmallows!

itty bittys frozen collection

itty bittys frozen collection

I am going to share with you exactly how we made our snowman, so do you wanna build a snowman?

You will need:

– ingredients to make your cupcakes
– large marshmallows
– black icing pen
– icing sugar & soft butter
– orange tictacs
– mikado sticks
– small marshmallows

Step 1

Make up your cupcakes using your go to recipe. We used a frozen cupcake kit so that Little could do it all by herself.

Step 2

Whilst your cupcakes are cooking in the oven as per guidelines, use clean scissors to cut 1/4 off the bottom of your large marshmallows. You will use the large part as Olaf’s body and the 1/4 for his head.

Step 3

Using the black icing pen, make three small dots on the larger part of the marshmallow to create his buttons.

Step 4

Cut your mikados in half and push them into the side of the larger part of the marshmallow to create his arms.

Step 5

Push the orange tictac into the smaller part of the marshmallow. You will need to push this is quite far as mine kept falling out!

Step 6

Using the black icing pen again, draw Olaf’s eyes and mouth around the orange tictac.

Step 7

Make up your icing using the soft butter and use it to stip Olaf’s head to his body and then again to stick Olaf to the cakes that should be cooled!

itty bittys frozen collection

As you can see my tictacs didn’t stay in so I used the black icing pen to create his nose again! But Little is very proud of her creations.

I’d love to see your creations if you too choose to build a snowman!

itty bittys frozen collection

Thank you again to Hallmark for sending us everything we needed to make our own snowman and the new collection of Frozen itty bittys.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? With The New Frozen Itty Bittys Collection

*We were sent the collection of itty bittys for the purpose of this post but as always all words are own own*

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