Hooray For The End Of Today!!

Today has left me feeling drained, empty and tired. So it’s safe to say I’m glad to see the back of it!

My day started at 4am when Scarlett woke crying (very unusual for her!) and was then very unsettled until we actually got up for the day at 7am.
Our morning then carried on the same. She would be fine one minute and then inconsolable the next – I hate being so helpless! 
Well anyway we headed out for lunch and she was absolutely fine, apart from gagging on every bit of food, again unusual for her. I have a feeling she is either going to get another ear infection or perhaps has a sore throat as they are all connected!

Then to really top off my day, on the way home from lunch the car decided to basically give up on me. As I was heading down a 60mph road it started to jump and skip every time I accelerated. So my journey home was spent driving at 30mph max, tight to the curb with my hazards flashing and Scarlett screaming in the back!

So Scarlett I am sorry for the way I have acted today but life just got a bit on top of me.

Here is to a better day tomorrow!


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