How I’ve Survived A Year As A Working Mum

It was a year on the 30th March that I took the plunge and went back to work. I cannot believe how quick this year has flown by although it feels like maternity leave was a lifetime ago. Isn’t life strange?

This year has passed in a blur and I would love to say I survived because of my amazing organisation skills. But I’d be lying! I started off being very organised but it has slipped majorly. I am literally just skimming through every day.

Here are my top tips for surviving being a working Mummy..

1. Find a good home-life balance.
I have found it so much easier since changing my hours from 33 hours over 5 days to 30 hours over 3 days. I missed the simple things like seeing Scarlett smile, being there to have lunch with her some days, putting her down for a nap and just spending a day just us.

2. Invest in a slow cooker
I work until 6pm so it’s pushing it to get dinner and bed at a reasonable time for Scarlett. I now use my slow cooker most Tuesdays as dinner is basically ready to serve as soon as I get in from work. This does lead me on to my next point..

3. Get organised the night before
I get any ingredients out the night before so in the morning I only have to throw them all in. I also pack Scarlett’s bag the night before so I can let her sleep as long as possible in the morning before hoarding her out of bed and getting her ready. Making my lunch the night before also takes a massive pressure off me although I’m getting quite bad at this lately. I really must start again!

4. Have set days for cleaning, washing etc.
I wash work uniforms on a Friday night, towels and bedding Friday day and then another wash on a Monday and one through the week if needed. I find cleaning the kitchen as I go saves so much time. I do most of my cleaning on my days of so that the weekend can be solely for family time!

5. Give yourself a break
Don’t beat yourself up. If you do not have the time to cook super nutritious meals every night it’s better that they have some food in their stomachs! So what if there is a crumb on the living room floor or clean washing on the bedroom floor for a week ;)! I’d rather sit and relax at the end of a long day when Scarlett is in bed. Sometimes the chores can wait!

Are there any other tips you can think of?
Amy xo
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  1. April 17, 2016 / 12:57 am

    Awww well done lovely! A year back at work is definitely a milestone. I am about two years back in now and have to agree, its all about organisation and trying not to do it all, all the time. I love your tips. I would add get help/dont be afraid to ask for help from family and friends with emergency childcare when you need it. They have been our saviours when we've been in difficult spots! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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