How Much Weight Can A Toilet Hold

Whether we agree or not, there comes a time when we all need to use the toilet. And when that happens, whether it’s a big or a small Toilet, it better not give away beneath us. If you are having, heavyweight visitors coming over or you are a heavy person; you would want to know your Toilet’s weight-bearing ability. So this post is about the research we decided to carry out to answer your long-anticipated question. 

So, what is the average weight limit of a toilet? The average weight limit of a Toilet is somewhere around 1000 pound (453kg) for the regular standard toilets, and 500 pounds (227kg) for those wall hung toilets. So, what is the best wall hung toilet to buy?

There are no standards or regulations by the government that a specifies a maximum or minimum limit for a standard toilet. However, when it comes to the wall hung toilets, the ASME Standard requires that they must support at least 500 pounds. 

A lot of regular toilets can support a higher weight capacity than 1000 pounds, and this is because of the porcelain material for making the Toilets are super-strong and of high rigidity. This news is a bit comforting because using a defective toilet is an awful experience nobody wants to experience. Luckily enough for us, any regular vitreous China toilet, or the porcelain toilet can withstand more weight than even the most massive person on earth. 

We must say that through our many years in the toilet marketing field, we have never seen a toilet manufacturer or model that mentions the weight limit of the Toilet. Even on the internet, there is hardly any information about the average weight limit of a Toilet. So, the information we are sharing with you is a collective effort that took a lot of research. 

Is The Average Toilet Weight Limit Adequate? 

Generally, the average weight of an American man is around 196 pounds, and the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds. Even an obese person weighs within the weight range that rarely exceeds 400 or 450 pounds.

So, those wall-mounted toilets weight limits of 500 pounds is more than adequate for regular household use. So, this brings us to the conclusion that the standard toilet weight limit set at 1000 pounds is more than sufficient for any eventuality you might face. 

What Are The Weight Limits Of The Famous Toilets Brands?

Finding the weight limits of famous toilets brands like Kohler, Toto, and American Standard toilets was a difficult task. These toilets manufacturers do not give information about the weight limits of how much weight their Toilets can hold, so sourcing for this information was a bit challenging. But because we were determined to find some reliable answers, these are what we found out about the toilets below: 

Kohler Toilet Weight Limits 

On the Kohler websites, there is a remote page that provides the only reference to toilet weight-bearing ability that we could find about any popular toilet brands. Based on this information from Kohler, their regular floor toilet can hold a weight of up to 1000 pounds. The heaviest man on record in history does not weigh more than 1000 pounds. So, if you’re worried you or your visitor might accidentally break a Kohler toilet while using it, you can ease your mind. Use the Toilet as you like because it can surely withstand your weight. 

Toto And American Standard Toilet Weight Limits 

Despite our effort to find something relating to the average weight limit of these brands of toilets, we found nothing from these best toilets brands. The only information we found was information on the average weight limit of their wall hung toilet models. 

However, as we continued in our research, we found many Toto and American Standard toilet reviews and comments. Different stores like Amazon and internet forums from people weighing 250, 300, and more using these toilets had a lot to say in the comments. They were glad about the quality of the product and recommended there top-rated brands as it bore their weight well. 

Wall Hung Toilet Weight Limits

The average weight limits of wall hung toilets are lower than the regular standard toilets. There is an average of 500 pounds average weight limit for wall-hung Toilets. However, there are some toilet models like Toto Aquia, which can withstand a higher weight limit of up to 880 pounds. And when combined with the durable Toto wall toilet carrier frame, they are stronger. 

The ASME standards and the National Consensus Standards for Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures have a minimum weight limit requirement set at 500 pounds (ASME A112.19.2-2005/CSA B4 5.1-05). 

On average, a wall-mounted toilet can only support about half of the weight capacity that a regular flour mounted Toilet can withstand. The weight limit of a wall toilet depends significantly on the wall carrier and how it fits securely to the wall and floor. That is why it can only support so much average weight limit. 

Can You Break A Toilet By Sitting On It? 

No, a toilet is not supposed to break by you sitting on it. The Toilets are of sturdy materials (porcelain or vitreous china clay) that are hard enough to withstand your weight. Through our research, we didn’t find any horror story about a person injured from sitting on a toilet and then it breaks. 

Why Don’t Toilets Brands Mention The Average Weight Limits Of Their Products? 

It is quite strange, but toilet manufacturers often skip this piece of information despite they release a myriad of information about every little detail of their product. We believe they do not make mention of this information because they feel it is not relevant. But we think, making mention of it would be a great marketing strategy. For instance, an XX model supports more than a thousand pounds, and so on. 

How Much Weight Can A Toilet Seat Hold? 

Do toilet seats even have a weight limit? Yes, they do, and it is often nor mentioned by toilet manufacturers just like they don’t say the average weight limit of their toilets. However, a toilet seat can hold an average weight of 300 pounds. No wonder our toilet seats can break or crack when a heavy user makes use of the Toilet.


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