If I Was A Baby..

Whilst trying to get Scarlett to sleep the other day (cue arching of the back and overtired angry crying!) I said to her, “if I was you, I wouldn’t fight sleep, I would embrace it!”

So this then lead onto this blog post. I also got fellow bloggers involved so here is what they had to say:

If I was a baby..

“I wouldn’t put my tiny fingers down my throat to make myself gag!”
“I would take full advantage of the sleep and being cared for!”
“I wouldn’t grow up so fast so my mummy and daddy could enjoy me more!”
Amy – The Smallest Of Things

“I wouldn’t spit out my dummy to then immedicately cry wanting my dummy.”
“I wouldn’t wait until my nappy was taken off to do a pee or poo!”
Elizabeth – Where Roots And Wings Entwine

“I wouldn’t suck my fingers, my daughter did this and it was harder to get her to stop when she was older than it was to stop her brothers sucking a dummy.”
Sandra – Sandras Ark

“I wouldn’t stick my tiddly fingers into every little hole I find as it can be very dangerous!”
“I wouldn’t throw a strop whenever I couldn’t get what I wanted. There’s probably a very good reason why my mummy and daddy won’t let me have it, I just haven’t discovered it yet and probably won’t until I’m a parent myself”
“I wouldn’t try to learn numerous things all at once (we are children long enough to learn things as they come!”
Emma – It’s Always Dark Before The Dawn

“I wouldn’t put EVERYTHING in my mouth. I’m sure fluff and dirt isn’t really all that tasty!”
Cat – Rock & Roll Pussycat

“I once did as I was told and “ate all my dinner up”. Egg and soldiers – shell included. I wouldn’t take things so literally again!!!”
Rachael – Just Rach

“I’d love to be pushed around in a pram all day!”
Jess – Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins

What would or wouldn’t you do if you were a baby?!

This is the baby who likes to fight sleep! Looks like butter wouldn’t melt..


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  1. July 21, 2014 / 10:07 am

    Great post! Babies are so silly when you think about it aren't they? If I were a baby I would not roll onto my tummy in my sleep and then cry to be turned over!!! lol x

  2. July 21, 2014 / 12:48 pm

    Aww thank you! Yes that is a very good point. My daughter has just learnt to roll and she rolls onto her tummy and then cries so we roll her back and she does it again!! xx

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