I’m BACK! *WARNING* Picture Heavy Post

So you may or may not have realised but I have not blogged for about 2 months (apart from a quick Little update). I will not bore you with the facts but basically I had no internet due to moving and then not actually moving and now we have actually moved! But not into our new home, but back with James’ mums as our house is not ready. Have no fear – I will keep you updated on the progress.

A lot has happened since I last blogged.

Little is now 4 months old and has had the last of her injections until a year old – hooray no more mean Mummy!!

She has been swimming! She absolutely loves the bath so we thought she would love swimming however she was not too sure, but then again there is normally just her in the bath!! She didn’t get upset she just took it all in so I’m sure she will be better next time.

Swimming costume from Next

I turned 22! I feel so much older than 22. But then this past year has absolutely flown by! I celebrated, with my family and a few friends, at a ‘Princess Tea Party’ at my Mum’s.

Scarlett supported England although I think she may have already known the outcome as she exploded on her England outfit before the game had even started!

Outfit from Sainsbury’s, headband from H&M

The weather allowed us to have a lovely afternoon in the pub garden with my Mum and sisters. Scarlett was fascinated by the bottle but obviously did not drink any!

Scarlett has been on the move for a while, but I never expected to wake up to her upside down in her cot! The funniest part is she sleeps right next to my bed and I did not hear a peep. Sneaky sneaky!

Scarlett had her first EVER sleepover. Cue sobbing Mumma! As you can see from her face she hated being away from us. NOT! She is such a good and content baby I’m pretty sure she would sleep anywhere. It was so lovely to spend some time being an adult not just a Mummy and Scarlett enjoyed her time with her Nanna.

Scarlett had her first taste of food! Heinz Apple and Strawberry. Her face was a picture bless her! So we decided to be kind and start off with just plain baby rice. She still isn’t sure about that but it’s all new too her and she will eventually learn what to do!

We left Flat 15, our first family home to start a new adventure. We hope our new place will be ready real soon!

I hope to get back into blogging again as it is something that I enjoy. So I guess I’ll be seeing you around!


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