Things I Have Learnt About Myself As A First Time Parent

I think I have definitely found my identity since becoming a Mummy. Being a first time parent is tough but I have learn so much about myself in such a short space of time.

I am a worry wart

Being a first time parent comes with it’s worries, and I’m sure this isn’t limited to first timers like myself. I’ve never really been much of a worrier, not consciously anyway! Now I worry about everything. Is Little too hot? Too cold? Is she spitting up because she is poorly or because she’s overeaten? Is she getting enough milk? Am I doing the right thing? This parenting malarky is a minefield!

I am not afraid to show my feelings

Well more like I can’t help but show my feelings when it comes to my Little! If I didn’t they would probably overwhelm me and I would explode!! Family have commented on the fact that I am a nicer person (not sure if that is a compliment!) since becoming a parent.

It is definitely okay to ask for help

I’ve never really liked asking for help, I’m not sure if its because I’m stubborn or its just a part of becoming a first time parent! But I am slowly learning to ask for help. If something is worrying me I find asking someone else helps relieve a bit of the worry. If I need five minutes peace its ok to ask for help!

I’m stronger than I think

Being a first time parent is ruddy tough. Being faced with all these new and different things can make it hard to adjust. At times I resent my old life and sometimes I may not feel up to the challenge but I most definitely am! When Little smiles at me it makes it all worth while!

“Mummy I don’t want anymore photo’s!”

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