Little | 13 & 14 Month Update

I am so behind in writing Scarlett’s 13 month update that I thought I would just fit it in with her 14 month update. Since turning 12 months she seems to have grown up so much!

At 13 months you took your first steps which was so exciting. You were out in Nanny’s garden playing with a ball and you accidentally stepped towards the ball. You soon realised what you had done and sat down!! You have continued to take a few steps here and there but we are in no rush to get you to walk!!
You have also started to say words. Your first one other than the usual Mummy and Daddy was gog (dog!) and no! You have the cutest little voice and are very vocal (you are able to tell us what you want!). You use your tongue a lot to make sounds such as alogalogalogalog and gollygollygolly. You are such a clever little button 🙂
You have started to understand what we say to you. Either that or you are just agreeing with us to keep us quiet! If we ask you something such as “do you want some milk?” you will nod, say yes and point to the kitchen. It is so cayuuttteeee!
You pull the cutest of facial expressions. If you don’t know where something has gone you will put your hands out and your mouth becomes a tiny little O. Just talking about it makes me want to nibble you 🙂
You are obsessed with bracelets and glasses. Everything that is of a circular shape becomes a bracelet and you have to try on everyone’s glasses! Sunglasses are your favourite 🙂
Now you will feed yourself your bottle. You lay in my bed every morning with your bottle whilst twiddling your hair!
I am absolutely loving watching you grow. You make me beam with pride everyday! I definitely appreciate you so much more now that I’m at work. You are just so precious and I am so lucky to call you my daughter!
I love you all the way to the moon and back xxxxxxxxxxx
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