Little | 15 Month Update

Well I think it is official – you’re a toddler! I’ve been trying to keep you a baby for as long but I think I need to come to terms with the fact that you are growing up. We now have a fully established walker too 😀

As mentioned in your last update you feed yourself your own bottle. Every morning you come into our bed and have your milk and sometimes go back to sleep. You fully understand when we ask you if you want your milk or bottle as you get excited and point towards the kitchen. It’s the same with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and bath/shower – you will take yourself off to the bathroom.

You are a very clever little girl. You can point to your eyes, nose, mouth, legs, feet, hair, teeth and hands. You can also tell us what noises dogs, chickens, birds, ducks and pigs make.

When it comes to cuddles and kisses – you give the best. You are such a sweet and loving little girl and will often give us cuddles without us even asking. You are quite the mother hen when it comes to your dolly. You are forever cuddling and kissing her and love to push her round the living room in her pushchair.

In Asda the other day an elderly man said to us ‘what a well behaved little girl, you have done so well’. And he is right you are such a well behaved little girl. Don’t get me wrong you have your moments when all you do is moan, tell us no and throw tantrums. But you wouldn’t be you without them!

Lately you have also started helping yourself to food out of the cupboards that you can reach!! I haven’t managed to tell you off for that yet because I just think it is so bloody cute *hides behind hands!*

You are a bit of a cluts as we have had many times when you will just face plant the floor. And just the other day we got a phone call from your nursery to say that you had fallen and cut your lip 🙁 it hasn’t stopped you eating though!

You have become so much more confident and you will happily wave me off when I drop you off at Nursery. And then wave to the staff when I pick you up! You have your favourite members of staff too 🙂

I say it everytime but you really do much us so proud! I could literally watch you all day everyday and I know I don’t get to spend as much time with you as I like but the time I get to spend with you I cherish so much 🙂

We love you so much my princess and thank you for being you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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