Little | 20 Month Update

It has been 5 months since I last wrote an update! That 5 months has flown by. In your last update you were officially a toddler but sometimes I look at you and think ‘you’re a little girl’!

You are so funny to be around and now understand that. If you think someone may be laughing, you will continue what you are doing but with that little cheeky look you do! Evenings are the times you come alive. You can often be found running around the living room screeching and yabbering away to yourself!

About a week ago you would make sucking noises to communicate you were ready for your bottle but now you will simply say bot-tle! The same with your breakfast you will just go and get yourself a bowl from the cupboard, place it on the floor and attempt to put cereal in it.

Not the best pouring I’ve seen!

You have learnt so many new words and are such a chatter box. I can actually hold a conversation with you and you understand most things we say to you! If I say one, you say two! If I say Scarlett (when your being a little monkey!), you say Scarley!! You have definitely settled into your character and I love the little girl you are.

You are obsessed with Disney Princesses and have this cute little twirly dance you do when you see them or hear them! You even sing ‘Let It Go!’ And not forgetting Minnie of course. Oh and the bubbee!

Everyone seems to love being around you and you enjoy being in other peoples company. Especially Nanny and Larlie! I am so excited to be able to spend more time with you (more info in another post!).

Not everything has been sweetness and light though as we have had a few problems with you biting and scratching at Nursery. However now that you seem to be communicating more we are hoping this faze will pass. I have a feeling the stubbornness will be harder to crack!

Thank you for being you and I hope one day you will read this and know just how much you were loved by everyone, especially me!

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