Little | 27 Month Update

I’ve been meaning to do an update on this little poppet for a while but life seems to be running away from me and I still have so much to sort before Little becomes a big sister. I haven’t sat down and written an update since she was 20 months old and my gosh so much has changed!

Well my darling, what an absolute pleasure you are to be around. I’m sure I have probably written that in every update but you really are. You never fail to put a smile on my face. You have such a personality, although sometimes more of an attitude haha! Your word bank is just amazing, full of such a huge range of words. I wish I could bottle up some of the things you say and replay them when I need a chuckle 🙂 I love how you are so understanding of everything going on, you are very clued up! If you call my name and I don’t answer straight away, you pull this little face and say “listen me Mummy!”

Routine is still very much a huge part of your life. Every bedtime the star “mudsy” (muslin) has to be laid on your “belly”, another laid to the left of your head with bunny, your “cubbys” (cover) put over you and then kisses, nose and cuddles are given before you ask for “gapes” (grapes), “stchawbeys” (strawberries) and “weeties” (sweeties)!!!!!! I have a smile on my face just writing this. You have your own ways of doing things and you will let people know of your ways!

You are fully potty trained during the day and I don’t think it will be long before your dry at night. Within a few days of potty training you just seemed to get it and I am so proud of how you have done!

We had your two year check with the Health Visitor the other day and everything is as it should be! I did have to mention about your behaviour the last few bedtimes and we have now decided to stop negotiating with you! So far it seems to have worked and you are back going to bed like a “big girl”. Soon we will introduce this into everyday life as you can be a bit of a pickle at times. But majority of the time you are very well behaved and your manners never fail to make me proud!

You will never understand how proud you make me. Sometimes I feel I could just burst with pride. I am so super lucky to have you and I would not change you for the world! I love you all the way to the moon and BACK! xxxxxxxxxx


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