Little | 8 Month Update

Today you turn 8 months old and what a happy 8 months I have spent with you. I cannot believe how quick the time has gone but I could not be any prouder of the person you are becoming.

Eye Colour: Your eyes are more hazel coloured than blue now
Hair Colour: Still fair and not really any sign of ginger apart from in certain lights


I had you weighed on the 24th (so just over a week ago) and you weighed 18lb and 3oz. The month before you were 17lb 4oz so your weight gain is good 🙂 They also measured your length for the first time and you were 71cm.


You are still on Cow and Gate Stage 1 as I was told it contains all the nutrients you need until you move to cows milk. We are still making up 3x 210ml bottles and most of the time you finish them. Your usual bottle times are when you first wake up, around 3/4pm and then one before bedtime. Breakfast time is about an hour and a half after your milk and is usually baby cereal or weetabix, lunch is at 1pm which is toast, organic crisps, fruit and a yogurt and dinner is about 6pm and you have whatever we have (but baby suitable!) and more fruit!


You have only just moved into 6-9 month clothes and this was mainly because I was so excited for you to wear them! You could still wear 3-6 months clothes but I thought as you are now 8 months its about time we move you into 6-9 month. Your nappy size is still 4.


You now wake up about half 7 in the morning – which I am fine about as we can now get ready before noon!! You now have a pretty set in stone routine for the day but it sometimes changes if we are out and about. You will have your first nap just after breakfast and this could last until 1pm if you’re really tired. You then fall asleep on your bottle about 3/4pm and will sleep until dinner time. Your bedtime is still 8pm.


You are still sleeping through the night although we have had a few nights when you have woken up but thats mainly when you are unwell. We do want to bring your bedtime forward but there is just not enough hours in the day! Your last feed in just before 8pm and then you go to bed straight after. You sleep in your sleeping bag on your side or tummy (even though we place you on  your back!!).



  • You can clap your hands!
  • You wave but only when it suits you.
  • You can pull yourself up to stand in your cot and try on just about everything else!
  • You get yourself into the crawling position but you are still unsure of what to do next.
  • You are able to move around – you place your hands on the floor and pull yourself forward whilst pushing off the ground with your feet!!
  • If we hold you to stand you walk!!!
  • Your pincer grip is amazing – you find the smallest of crumbs on the floor and pick them up.
  • Your hand eye coordination is amazing too. You are able to put those little crumbs straight in your mouth!!
We love you princess, more than you know!!


  1. November 3, 2014 / 8:07 am

    This is lovely – waves when it suits her lol. She is diddy like Little G was, I think she was still in 6-9 at over a year old!! I used to move her up a size as I would get excited too lol. x

  2. November 3, 2014 / 8:28 am

    Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one hehe! 🙂 she has such a tiny waist but is quite long! Xx

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