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I’ve decided to document her settles etc on my blog so that in years to come I’ll be able to look back and even show her! I want to remember this huge part of our lives 🙂

Today was Scarlett’s first settling visit at her Nursery preparing her for the big start date (you can read about our new adventure HERE)! It was only for an hour but I was surprisingly excited. She loves to be around other children and from previously working in a Nursery I knew the benefits!
As soon as we got into the Baby Room she was off exploring the toys and even interacting with some of the other children. She kept showing off her ability to stand up on her own 🙂
We got to meet her key worker and she went through all the forms I had previously filled out regarding Scarlett’s notmal daily routine. I explained that I was happy for Scarlett to get into their daily routine so she wouldn’t miss out on anything.
Whilst we were there the other children sat down for their snack of water and orange. The cups they use are the tommee tippee first beakers which Scarlett refuses to drink out of at home. But once she saw all the other children drinking from them she happily drunk and even when home refused her straw cup!! What a madam. Luckily we have the same cup at home 🙂
Scarlett is back for a second visit on Wednesday for 2 hours where I will stay with her for a little while and then leave as long as we are both happy! I’m quite looking forward to cleaning the house with no little mits getting in the way!
I know how to party 😉
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