Living Arrows

Living Arrows | 2/52

Living Arrows

One of my new years goals is to get out and about more with the girls. So this weeks Living Arrows is all about our day out at the farm. The weather hasn’t been that great lately so we almost didn’t make it but luckily the rain wore off this afternoon!

Living Arrows

My first photo makes me smile every time I look at it. It just shows Little’s personality so well. She’s pretty hard to get a photo of these days because whenever she sees the camera she pulls a silly face. Please tell me I’m not the only one with a nearly three year old going on fifteen with the sass?

Little has really grown in confidence lately and never fails to amaze me. I have a photo of us on a carousel around about this time last year. She was all smiles and happiness until it started moving and she literally cried for the whole duration! Now she’ll happily go on them by herself. It’s things like this that remind me just how quickly she is growing and changing!

living arrows

Whilst Little is growing up and exploring the world around her I am willing Baby to stay a baby for a little longer! She has always had a thing about her hands, just as her sister did but recently she has really started to grab at things. Anything that comes within eyesight she will grab at. This includes her sisters hair, Daddy’s face and my clothes! I just love how contented she is with herself and just her hands for entertainment!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows

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  1. That expression you’ve captured on Little is absolutely adorable!

    1. Isn’t it? Just her all over 🙂 ox

  2. Karen Dennis, the next best thing to mummy says:

    How sweet, is that? Enjoy every second, children grow up so quickly, I sometimes wish I could magic mine back to being little for a day, or two, just to relive those wonderful times!

    1. It sure does go quick! I cannot believe I have a nearly 3yo :O ox

  3. Blink and time has gone! Love her expression!

    1. Haha thank you ox

  4. Little seems to have a great personality. Hope you can get out more this Jan!

    1. Thank you very much! She certainly does have a personality ox

  5. Beautiful photos. It’s amazing how babies can be so contented with their hands isn’t it. I’ve always noticed with Dex that when he starts playing with his hands more it means a Leap is afoot. He is coming up to Leap 6 in a couple of days and true to form the past week or so he’s been using and staring at his hands so much more!

    1. Oh that’s handy to know! I do have the Wonder Weeks app actually 🙂 ox

  6. Sarah Bella says:

    Hahaha, that expression on your little ones face is adorable! My children also like to pull silly faces whenever I pull the camera out. Lovely pics! xx

    1. Haha thank you! Children ayy? ox

  7. Lovely photos Amy. I really like the one on the carousel. The face is too funny. #livingarrows

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 ox

  8. Her face on the carousel!! I know what you mean about wanting them to stay little, you want them to get bigger but at the same time not change ever. Lovely post.

    1. Thank you! I want her to grow and develop but I want her to stay a baby forever haha! ox

  9. What a brilliant capture! And yes I most definitely have a threenager on my hands too haha. It’s so lovely when babies start to discover the world around them isn’t it – I wish they stayed that happy with simple things when they get older xx

    1. Wouldn’t life be so much easier?! Haha! ox

  10. What gorgeous children lovely photos loving littles expression #livingarrows

    1. Thank you ox

  11. What cuties! Love that you have not let this poor weather rain on your parade! We have to enjoy every minute of it x


    1. Definitely not! In this country we have to get used to it 🙂 ox

  12. Oh Little’s expression is just gorgeous. It’s so lovely when they gain confidence and start to do more by themselves and get more adventurous. Your baby looks so snug! x

    1. She certainly was snug! I’d love to be a baby for the day 🙂 ox

  13. That first photo is so adorable! I hope you can capture many more of those wonderful expressions of personality this year! x

    1. Me too! Thank you ox

  14. So great that you didn’t let the weather put you off. I miss my kids being small enough to be home in the week days. Mich x

    1. I’m dreading school age if I’m honest! ox

  15. That first photo is priceless! Oh to be 2/3 again!
    Tara x

    1. How cool would life be? Thank you ox

  16. My 7 month old is a real hair and face grabber, little terror! Looks like a great day out at the farm. Jo x

    1. Glad Lils isn’t the only one 🙂 ox

  17. They grow so fast, you are so right though about willing the second to stay smaller for longer. So different than with the first, when you can’t wait for them to get to their next big milestone.

    1. So different! I couldn’t wait for Little to crawl, walk etc. But Baby needs to stay a baby forever ox

  18. Great idea to try to do more things outdoors! I reckon I should do that too! Her expression is just fab! And your baby is so cute! #LivingArrows

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 ox

  19. I wonder what your daughter will think of all the funny face photos in years to come. It does show her personality shining through the photo

    1. Haha I’m sure she’ll be so embarrassed!! ox

  20. AMy first photo is absolutely brilliant!! Looking forward to following along with your Living arrows journey!

    1. Thank you oz


    That face on Little is amazing it’s great to see that she has become more brave and will go on the rides herself you must be so proud even if she is growing up way to fast.


    1. I am super proud! Thank you lovely ox

  22. Aww beautiful pictures. Little looks so cute & cheeky, and your littleist is ADORABLE. Making me broody 😉 xx

    1. I think so too! But I’m totally biased 😉 ox

  23. Even though it is cold, it is great to make the most of these crisp, sunny days by getting out and about.x

    1. Agreed 🙂 ox

  24. I hope the weather allows you spend more time outdoors with them 🙂

    1. Thank you ox

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