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Longest Week, 3rd Birthday Plans & Positivity | #LittleLoves

This week has been weird. James had his wisdom teeth out last Friday so he’s been home for what has felt like the worlds longest week. I’m not very good at sympathy nor staying in so I’m looking forward to having our routine back next week.


This will come as no shock as I think it may have featured in all my other Little Loves posts but I am still reading ‘After You’. It is an amazing book but I struggle to dedicate enough time to sit down with my book. Now that I am taking a bit of a step back I’m hoping to find in a bit more me time!

longest week

I really must get back to reading a story to Little every night. She loves her books but bedtimes always seem so rushed! I need to just kick myself up the butt and get back into a good routine!


It’s all about Celebrity Big Brother at the moment. I have never watched a full series before but I love the people they have in there this time. I can’t help but laugh at Kim and some of the things she says! “Don’t you start with me young lady!” And isn’t Spencer such a wind up merchant? I’m not sure who I want to win but I do enjoy watching it.

Little has started watching ‘Get Well Soon’ on YouTube which makes a change from Peppa Pig!


I’ve been awful at crafts, dinners, everything this week. But I have made the decision to further myself by doing a Foundation Degree. I just have to sort out the logistics and then I should be good to go!

Plans for Little’s 3rd birthday are being made too. I am just waiting to hear back from our local hall and then I can get everything else sorted! I cannot believe in just over a month I will have a 3 year old. That is crazy. She really wants a frozen party so I have been pinning my little heart out!


I finally got my hands on a Selfish Mother jumper so I have been practically living in that. Am I a fully fledged blogger now? It has also been so bitterly cold here that we have been living in fluffy socks, big coats and chunky scarves!

longest week

Little has been loving choosing her own clothes this week and I have to say the girls got style.


Baby has really found her voice lately and every morning I wake up to cute coos coming from her crib. Little has also been talking about her plans “on my birthday in March, when I am a big girl”. She wants cake and party biscuits! Oh and to go to school with the boys and girls!

and Lastly..

I have started making plans for redecorating Little’s bedroom ready for Baby to move in. Yesterday we picked up a few pink tester pots (as requested) but I am wanting it quite neutral. I want a warm neutral colour but with a hint of pink – is that even a thing?

I am so glad the longest week is over and here is hoping for a more positive week!

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