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Monitoring A Fever Whilst They Sleep With The Nurofen FeverSmart

FeverSmart by Nurofen

Fever’s in children can be one of the most worrying illnesses for any parent. I know I for one am sent into a panic as soon as either of them show a slight rise in temperature! On two occasions in four short years a fever has proven worrying for both of my girls. This is why I am grateful for revolutionary products like the FeverSmart

When L was just a tiny baby her temperature spiked at 39’c and after a trip to the doctors she was sent to A&E because her heart was racing and they could find no reason for it. It transpired that she had quite a bad case of tonsillitis so after a dose of antibiotics she was allowed home to recover. At the beginning of the year, on the way home from the park, Little S complained that her legs were aching, which wasn’t particularly abnormal for her. As soon as we got home she fell asleep on the sofa which is very unlike her. It wasn’t until I tried moving her to her bed that I felt how hot she was. She honestly felt like she was on fire. After a dose of calpol it was still creeping up and she was becoming hard to rouse. I managed to get an emergency appointment at the doctors and even the doctor was shocked at how poorly she looked! Again it turned out she had quite a nasty throat infection. Even with antibiotics, call and neurofen we struggled to keep her temperature down. It got so bad that she was actually continually sick!

Monitoring a fever with the FeverSmart

Introducing the Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor (£84.99). A stick-on device which allows you to monitor your child’s temperature via a Bluetooth-connected app, whilst they sleep. It uses a gentle silicone adhesive patch with a sensor to accurately measure your child’s armpit temperature, alerting you if it becomes too high. The silicone adhesive patches are attached on each occasion you need to use the FeverSmart and are available to purchase separately (there are four patches included in the FeverSmart box to begin with). At £5.99 for a pack of 4 they are on the expensive side, but for me if it keeps my mind at ease then I’d be happy to pay it!

With correct usage, The FeverSmart has a high level of accuracy, within 0.2 degrees Celsius. However to get the most accurate reading the monitory has to be stuck onto their armpit and then their arm kept down! This is ok for those children who sleep with their arms down but L has been known to sleep with her arms behind her head! This is something to consider before purchasing because it may mean the reading is inaccurate.

Something else to consider is how easy placing the FeverSmart under their armpit is going to be. Now I know that when my girls have a temperate they cannot really be bothered to put up a fight, however I know some children could become irritable, making it harder. But when you compare it to having to use an ear thermometer every hour ish, it is going to be less annoyance for your child.

Another massive selling point for me is the fact the FeverSmart sends real-time temperature readings (updated every 60 seconds) to a bluetooth-connected smart device (if within a range of 40m). The free app is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play, but make sure you check your phones compatibility before purchasing. When you log into the app you are able to create different accounts for each of your children, where you can see a history of recent temperatures.

The FeverSmart doesn’t just monitor your child’s temperature as they sleep, it also allows you to record additional symptoms along a timeline, including when medication has been given. This is a great tool if you end up needing a doctors appointment as you have it all in one place instead of trying to remember exactly when you last gave the medication.Monitoring A Fever Whilst They Sleep with the Nurofen FeverSmart

“I absolutely love the FeverSmart and I will be recommending it to all parents!”


The device can be used from birth onwards (unless your baby is premature or of a low birth weight) and is available from Amazon and will soon be available to purchase on the website.

*We were sent the FeverSmart but under no obligation to post about it, however it is something we would like other parents to know about. All views are our own.*



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