Moving With A Baby

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that we recently moved into my partners parents house until our new house is ready. When we moved Scarlett was 4 months to the day. I thought I would share with you my tips that made the move go as smooth as can be or that we will learn from for next time!

Be organised
Okay so this is not so much what we did. We moved out on the Wednesday and by 3pm Tuesday we still were not even half way through packing up our things. I think I was pretty naive about how long it would take to pack up all of our things because when we moved into the flat, we only had to pack up 2 bedrooms as we were 2 people moving out from our parents.
Packing up with a baby is not easy. Most of the things you cannot pack until the day because you will need them, such as the kettle, steriliser, nappies etc. So I made sure I had the boxes ready to pack them up just as we were leaving and made sure I knew where they were so I could unpack them on the other side.

Plan Your Time Effectively
We hired a van and that had to be back by 6pm. We were totally unrealistic with our time. We planned on moving, going to ikea to pick up new furniture, deliver our fridge/freezer to someone who brought it and visiting the dump! Needless to say we just about moved and made it to the dump. We didn’t consider the petrol stop before dropping the van back. However we made it back in the nick of time.

Ask for help
I was too stubborn to ask for help packing up the flat, and then to top it off my partner went off to football the night before the move, leaving me to look after Scarlett and pack up all of our possessions.
However we were really lucky on the days we actually moved as James’ mum had Scarlett on the Wednesday and my Mum had her on the Thursday so we could go back and clean the flat.

Label Things Clearly
As we moved back into my partners house we moved all of our clothes etc to there house and all of our homely things went straight to our new home. I found having things clearly labeled made it easier to separate the different drops offs. However we didn’t label our clothes from the bed sheets etc so once we had finished the move it was so hard to find our clothes as well as Scarlett’s. It meant a lot of mess and rummaging through bags.

Still Find Time For Your Baby
This is the most important one. It is so easy to get absorbed by packing, moving and then unpacking that your baby just gets pushed to the side (in the nicest way possible!). We were really lucky that James’ Mum had Scarlett on the day we moved into their home so on every drop off we would stay a while and spend some time with her as she was so young and I didn’t want her feeling pushed out. If you do not have time to drop in on them during the day, try and be back in enough time to spend time with them before bedtime! The unpacking can wait.

Have you moved with a baby? Is there anything you would add to my list?

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