My 15 Happy Things #BEDAoutmumbered

I’m going to share with you 15 things that make me happy not including the obvious family etc as part of Blog Every Day in August.

I am not a happy bunny if I get woken up too early in the morning (Scarlett is obviously an exception!)
I love to walk and discover new places. Scarlett loves to be outdoors too!
This probably makes me happier than it should! I have an obsession with chocolate cake.
Elderly People
In the least creepiest way possible! But it makes me very happy to see elderly people happy.
I love spending money that really I don’t have to spend! I am constantly buying new clothes for Scarlett! I’m pretty much set with clothes until she is about a year old haha. However I don’t always purchase the things I shop for. I also like to add things to my basket and then talk myself out of it!!
I love learning new things and it makes me happy when I do actually learn something. It can be something really small but I love trying new things such as baking etc and when it goes right it makes me happy!
I’m not high maintenance, I don’t need a five star hotel abroad. Just a trip out of my hometown will make me happy. Weymouth is my happy place and I would love to move there when Scarlett is a bit older.
If you know me you will know that I love food. Food makes me happy. If I’m sad I eat. If I’m happy I eat. If I’m tired I eat. If I’m bored I eat. You get the picture haha!
Make-up makes me happy when I’m feeling a bit down about myself. Most days if I’m just sitting about I don’t wear make-up but if I’m going out I enjoy spending time making myself up! YSL is the main brand that makes me happy at the moment.
Being Comfortable
I’m sure this makes everyone happy. Whether it be in my clothes, on the sofa, in bed, in the car etc.
A song that I can relate to really makes me happy! It makes me feel like someone knows what I’m going through haha. Sad I know!
I’m not someone who is overly cuddly, I need my own space most of the time but I do like a cuddle if I’m tired, sad or just because!
Home Decor
Call me sad but I still enjoy playing ‘The Sims’ haha. Decorating homes make me happy. 
Babies Being Born
Seeing that a baby has been born makes me so so happy! (Not as happy as when my baby was born but still very happy!)
Spending Time With Loved Ones
I said not including family, this could be so much broader than that! But yeah it is mainly my family and close friends.
Do you have a happy place? When are you your happiest?

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