My Birth Story #1

If you’ve read my post ‘Looking Back On My Pregancy’ you will know that I went over my due date, 12 days over my due date to be precise.

I was due my baby on February 18th 2014. On that day I had a midwife appointment and because I had expressed my concerns over being induced – I really really really (you get the picture!) did not want to be induced – she said that if I made it to that appointment she would give me a sweep.

Well I made it to the appointment and I was so nervous about having a sweep (probably more nervous then actually giving birth!) but to be honest it wasn’t too bad. A little uncomfortable but bearable. I was very lucky that my partner took time off work to come with me! I think I got my hopes up too much as I had read so many stories when a sweep had worked. But nope my sweep didn’t work but the midwife did warn me as my cervix was completely closed and quite high up. My baby also wasn’t fully engaged 🙁

So I just continued to wait.

I had a further 2 more sweeps (the maximum the midwife would allow!) but both times I was between 1-2cm dilated but baby was still not fully engaged – almost but not quite. So she had no choice to book my induction in for Sunday 2nd March 2014! I went home and mentally prepared myself for an induction. I was so heartbroken as I felt my body was not doing what it should be. I felt awful!

1 week overdue!

We decided we would spend the day together on Saturday as it would be our last day together (hopefully) as 2, rather than 3. I had such an awful nights sleep on Friday night/Saturday morning. I woke at 2am Saturday morning with bad, what felt like, bad period pains. I got so excited thinking that maybe it was starting but nothing else came so I tried to get back to sleep. I had another period like cramp at 4am but they were so irregular I knew I would have to be induced.

We spend Saturday shopping, going out for lunch, mooching around, just generally enjoying eachothers company. Throughout the whole day I was getting contractions (some which stopped me in my tracks) but they were bearable and still very irregular.

We went home expecting to just go to bed and wake up early in the morning for my induction.

But NOPE! My contractions began getting stronger and closer together. By about 10pm they were between 3 minutes apart lasting a minute. So I phoned the hospital and I was told to take a paracetamol (REALLY!!), have a bath and call back when they were 2 minutes apart. Needless to say I did not have a paracetamol. But I did have a shower.

I spent most of the evening paceing up and down our living room/kitchen whilst my partner laid on the sofa watching Match Of The Day! I could have killed him..

I tried bouncing on my birthing ball throughout contractions, leaning on all fours, sitting down, laying down.. everything! But they were getting closer together and more and more intense. By this time they were anything from 2 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart so I phoned the hospital back and they told me to come in.

By the time we got to the hospital it was about 1/2am. They examined me and told me I was only 3cm dilated so they could not admit me yet. My partner explained how I was back in a few hours for an induction so there was no point sending me home, so they sent me up to a ward and sent my partner home!

I was so upset that they had sent James home! How was I to do this without him? (even though he hadn’t been much help up until now, after all he wasn’t taking the pain away was he?!)

Up on the ward I remember being so uncomfortable, I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t lay down but I was tired and needed to rest! I could only stand up and rock back and forth. I remember the pressure being too much and my legs shaking. But I still couldn’t sit or lay down! I started to panic. The pain was getting so much worse and I didn’t know what to do.

The midwife was lovely and she kept coming and rubbing my back and telling me to breath through it. I couldn’t. I was feeling so much pressure my legs couldn’t take it. She told me she would examine me and she did.


I could now be moved to the delivery ward. James had just text me telling me he was going to try and get some sleep as he would have to drive back soon. OH NO YOU DON’T! It was about 3.30am when I was moved to the delivery suite and James arrived back at about 4am.

I was still in the clothes I’d come in but I didn’t have time to get changed as my contractions were so close together and so intense. I remember saying to James as soon as he arrived “I want an epidural!” He just laughed and told me something like you’ve come this far!

I hadn’t had any drugs but I felt so ‘out of it!’ I was so out of character shouting that “I can’t do this” and when the midwife told me that actually I was in fact doing this, I threw back “well I don’t want too!” Bit late for that decision I know!!

The midwife kept offering me gas and air but being such a control freak I wanted to feel in control. I hate the feeling of being drunk, so I honestly didn’t want the gas and air. But my contractions were getting unbearable. I couldn’t stand up due to the pressure but I couldn’t do anything else!

So I bargained with the midwife. She said that the pressure was due to the way my baby was laying but I knew I wanted to push. So I had gas and air whilst she examined me. Later on James told me that I didn’t even use the gas and air properly, he tells me that I was taking the smallest of breaths EVER!

Oh and would you believe it, I was 9cm dilated with only a little bit of cervix left! It just goes too show that you know your own body. This was about 5.45am. The midwife sent someone to fill the pool up.

I remember asking the midwife why my waters still hadn’t broken as I had come so far and they still hadn’t gone. I thought something was wrong but as she was about to reply I felt a gush. I honestly thought your waters would go and that was it, but no I kept on leaking until my baby was born.

Keep reading.. My Birth Story #2.

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