My Birth Story #2

Continuing from My Birth Story #1.

I got in the birthing pool at just gone 6am. It felt like forever waiting for that birth pool to fill up. It was such a weird feeling having no control over my body. I was doing nothing but yet my body was pushing!

But I could see the end.

The birth pool was so lovely, warm and calming. So calming that as soon as I got in there I started to fall asleep! (now I see why they don’t let you in the pool to early on!) I was so calm that even my contractions had stopped.

There I was leaning on the side of the pool in James arms, falling asleep. The midwife left the room and came back with a cloth. She told me to breath in the cloth as she needed my contractions to start again!

I kept moving my head away from the cloth. I didn’t want my contractions to start again, I wanted to go to sleep! (how selfish of me!) But she kept on moving it infront of my nose.

My contractions were back but they felt different this time! They weren’t as painful but they were very overpowering.

By now I had thrown the gas and air and I was so focused on pushing. I cannot really explain that feeling but it was so dissapointing everytime baby went back in!

The midwife by now was getting worried as it was getting close to 7am, I had been in the pool for nearly an hour! She told me to really concentrate on my pushing otherwise I would have to go upstairs and have some help!

There was no way I was going upstairs – that is the reason I didn’t want to be induced. I wanted to be down on the ABC (Alexandra Birthing Centre) because the delivery ward looked like something out of a horror movie!

On the next contraction I pushed with all my might and continued to try and push even after my contraction had gone. I felt a weird stinging feeling and by now there were 2 midwifes in the room. One of them told me how they call it the ring of fire but you just have to push through it.

So I did. The head was out. “She looks like her Daddy” one of the midwifes said. It was such a weird feeling having a head out and waiting for the next contraction. I was told to just pant! Then she asked me to push on the next contraction. About 2 more pushes and my baby was born!!

I was in so much shock I just shook. I was totally oblivious to anything else in the room (I even missed James crying!!). I was handed my tiny baby girl as she screamed and I shook. It was such an overwhelming experience (I’m tearing up writing this!)

I had been waiting over 9 months for my baby to be born and she was now here! It was amazing.

Scarlett Jane was born on 02/03/2014 at 7:08am weighing 7lb 10oz.
The most beautiful amazing baby girl in the world!



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  1. July 15, 2014 / 7:45 am

    Aww thank you! I will give your birth story a read 🙂 xx

  2. July 24, 2014 / 2:05 pm

    Aww thank you! I thought I would write it down as I'm sure I will forget a few details over the years, it is nice to have a place to reflect back! xx

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