My Birth Story | Baby #2

Now that ‘Baby Sister‘ is over a week old I thought it was about time to get my birth story written down before it all becomes a bit of a blur! You may have read my 41 week pregnancy update so you’ll know I went overdue – 12 days in the end!

Friday 16th September 2016

We had my 41 week midwife appointment at the hospital where I requested a sweep! I don’t remember it being so uncomfortable and hurting that much last time. According to my notes I was only 1cm dilated but my cervix was soft but unaffected! My induction was booked for Sunday the 18th but I knew she wouldn’t make an appearance before then!

Saturday 17th September 2016

Possibly our last day as a family of three so we took a trip to Smyth’s toy shop to look for a* (*secretly buy) ‘sooter’ from Baby Sister. At 2:25pm (TMI) I had my bloody show! I hoped the pains would start too but all I got was period type pains in my lower back! We then watched Toy Story 3 together whilst eating chicken and rice before packing Little off to her Nana’s house. Everytime I looked at Little I felt so sad – I knew she wouldn’t be the baby anymore and I just felt so proud of how she had coped with my pregnancy and all the changes that were happening!

Sunday 18th September 2016

I woke up at 6:45am to ring the hospital at 7am. 9am was the time I was given to go in for induction! I felt so uneasy! I kept crying and I just wanted my Little to be home and in my arms. But I knew she was going to the zoo for the day so she probably didn’t even notice I was gone!

At 10:54am I was sent home without the pessary because the ward was busy and they said they would be able to break my waters so I was due to come back at 5pm. James and I decided to go for brunch which made me feel so sick with all the nerves. I spent the rest of the day tidying the house and bouncing on my ball.

At 5pm we were back in the hospital and waiting for a room on the ABC to become available. At 6:50pm I was moved across to the ABC where the midwife went to break my waters but she could feel a hand by her head so needed to get a Doctor to come and scan me. Caesareans and other options were discussed but by this time I just wanted to get my baby out safely. The scan showed that baby was definitely head down and the Doctor couldn’t see a hand so by 7:30pm my waters were broken and I was told I had 2 hours to get labour started before being moved to the Consultant Led Unit for the drip. James and I spent the next 2 hours walking around the hospital where I was having contractions but they were manageable and didn’t have much pattern.

By 9:30pm contractions were picking up so they were happy to give me 2 more hours so I had until 11:30pm to be in established labour!

I was examined about 11:40pm and I had made it to 4cm!!!! I wasn’t so happy hearing I was only 4cm but it meant I had dodged the drip! Wooooooppaaaa!!

From this moment the contractions really started to pick up and they were becoming very hard to cope with. I had positive attributions playing in my ear and I was trying my hardest to breath through them but the pressure was unreal! I didn’t feel the need to push but I was sure I couldn’t do it! At this point the midwife suggested going into the pool which I was happy about but even the pool didn’t really help the pain this time. My contractions were so intense and it felt like there was no break! I was panicking incase I wasn’t even fully dilated because I couldn’t cope with this pain much more. The midwife asked if I wanted some gas and air and at this point I would have tried everything. She sent another midwife to get it but by the time she had come back, and only about 3 pushes later, my beautiful baby girl was born!! The relief I felt when she was out and in my arms was indescribable. She was just like her sister and I just could not believe she was here!!

After 1 hour and 59 minutes of established labour – Baby girl was born at 1:34am, weighing 8lb 40z and she was just perfect!


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