My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored

On Saturday I visited one of my Nana’s friends, Aunty Margaret, to introduce her to Scarlett! We got talking about a lady she knows and how she always makes remarks about her home and family, “oh your bedrooms are very small!” etc.


It got me thinking.. Some people can be so horrible whether it be knowing or unknowingly! There is just no need for it. It’s not about the materialistic things in life, as long as you are happy and healthy it doesn’t matter how big your house is or whether you married before having a baby!

Well not all people are horrible! There are nice people out there as I discovered today. All in the space of ten minutes!
Whilst popping into sainsburys to get my antibiotics I brought a few bits, mainly medication 🙁 poor me! Anyways back to the point. I got in the queue behind a gentlemen and well.. waited as you do! I only had about 5 items. The gentlemen continued to move my shopping in front of his and insisted I go in front of him. I honestly could not believe it and didn’t know how I could thank him. Obviously I did say thank you!
It doesn’t stop there though. I finished putting Scarlett and the shopping in the car and was on my way to put the trolley back when a car beeped me to hurry me along!! (Honestly some people these days!) Then a lady said to me “do you want me to take that back for you!” And continued to take my trolley!
I’ve honestly never felt so overwhelmed with how nice people are. Complete strangers are willing to help others! It’s so lovely so I just had to share it with you all.
Do you have any stories of strangers being nice?!

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