My First Trimester

I am now ending my first trimester and I’m quite happy to be seeing the back of it. It wasn’t terribly bad but it’s just that awkward stage where not many people know, you aren’t showing and apart from feeling extremely tired and nauseous you don’t really feel pregnant!

My main symptoms before getting a positive pregnancy test were extremely sore and sensitive boobs, obviously a late period and a very itchy scalp (I didn’t even know this was a symptom). Then since then I have suffered with being hungry all the time – and I mean ALL THE TIME, nausea if I don’t eat or when I clean my teeth and constantly being tired! 
There isn’t really much to report about my first trimester as I have been pretty lucky. It isn’t much different to Scarlett’s pregnancy yet but we will see. I am undecided whether to do weekly updates as if I’m honest I just know I won’t stick to it!
How would you like to keep up-to-date with my pregnancy?

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